Creating the Perfect Home with Bespoke Furniture Design

Bespoke Furniture design instantly sounds expensive and very exclusive. However, here at Puji we believe that getting custom made pieces of furniture for your home or commercial property shouldn’t mean over inflated charges and fees.

Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak Furnishings

We all have made a wrong choice at some point when furnishing our homes and filled an area with something that almost fits. But with houses becoming smaller and storage space becoming more limited, getting pieces that fit perfectly can become investment items.  Bespoke furniture design, for example, means that you can get a bookcase that fits your alcove space and design it to suit your needs. Why not have cupboards at the bottom to hide the kids’ toys, drawers above for letters, cutlery etc and then shelves above for your books and decorative accessories.  Or if you have a large hallway, why not use the bespoke furniture design service to make a beautiful console table that will breathe life into your entrance way? In the bedroom, made to measure wardrobes can be tailored to fulfil all your clothing requirements, or in some cases, why not alter one of our designs to your own sizes if you have different sized alcove recesses?

Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak Furnishings

If you’re furnishing a commercial space, restaurant, or office, made to measure pieces will help you get the best out of your environment.  They can also be designed to reflect your theme and keep spaces coordinated.

Having a made to measure piece can be a great solution if you have trawled the shops, websites and magazines but just can’t find the right piece.  Why compromise when you can have a beautiful solid wood piece made at just a small extra cost?  We understand that every home is different and we all have at least one oddly shaped room.

Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak FurnishingsHere at Puji we offer our clients a free design service; this means we don’t charge to draw up your designs and price bespoke items.  It’s then up to you to decide if you want to invest in purchasing the made to measure piece.  Our bespoke items are crafted from solid reclaimed teak. However, on occasions we can look at alternative timbers especially if the custom made pieces are being painted.

Bespoke Furniture Design – For more information take a look at our website and services.


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