Creating the Perfect Home with Bespoke Furniture Design

Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak Furnishings

On some occasions it feels almost impossible to find the right furniture you need for your interior.  After a while the novelty can wear off from all the time spent looking through websites, flicking through magazines, plus the countless visits to furniture showrooms and shopping centres.  Puji has the perfect solution to all your problems, as we offer a bespoke furniture design service.  You can liaise with them about your exact unique requirements, and have your furniture made to perfection.  The great benefit about having bespoke furniture design is that you are part of the whole process – from the initial concept to the colour choice of your teak furniture.


When you hear about bespoke, made to measure or custom designed furniture, you may feel it’s out your price range. However, with Puji this is not the case because we have our own factory so we can keep costs low because there is no middle man.


Our bespoke service has grown rapidly because it’s a rare service that is able to fulfil all personal requirements, whether you are furnishing a residential or a commercial property.


Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak Furnishings Every home is different and bespoke furniture design is the perfect option for your home. Each piece is unique and if you have existing furniture items that you need matching, Puji can work with images to help get the closest match.  You have the opportunity to inject your personality into your home and create a wonderful statement piece, leaving your visitors speechless.


Bespoke Furniture Design – Made to Measure Teak Furnishings If you’re looking to furnish a restaurant, spa or any other organisation Puji’s bespoke furniture service is ideal to create a spectacular atmosphere. Puji’s interior design specialists can assist you with your room plans and advise you on practical furniture options.  The main advantage with this service is your company brand will always stay unique and shine.


To speak to a specialist at Puji for more information, please call 0208 886 3000

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