Creating the perfect Love Nest – Accessorising Your Bedroom

Contemporary Home Accessories - Puji’s guide to Creating a Romantic Love nest.

It is proven that the colour of a room will affect a person’s mood. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is a perfect time to introduce some romance and love into your bedroom.   The colour red is known to draw people together, which is exactly the aim for Valentine’s Day.  Red can be introduced into your bedroom by the use of contemporary accessories, interior decor and bedding.  Add the perfect lighting and you will find you have created an intimate love nest for this special day.

Puji are here to give you the finest advice on how to make this Valentine’s Day different from every other day of the year.  Your partner will completely impressed and your bedroom will feel amazing.

The key things to focus on are:

Contemporary Home Accessories - Puji’s guide to Creating a Romantic Love nest.    Lighting: Puji’s collection of contemporary accessories and lighting would help introduce a lovely soft glow.  It is vital that the lighting is faultless, as this aspect sets the mood for the entire night.  Your aim is to create an ambient adoring light – Moroccan lamps with their hammered holes emit beautiful soft lighting which will certainly create that romantic mood.

Contemporary Home Accessories - Puji’s guide to Creating a Romantic Love nest.    Candles: Lighting a cluster of candles will give your bedroom a warm, passionate environment. To get the best effect in your room, you should dim your lights and group your candles together to allow the glowing light to reflect off your walls.


Bedding: Luxurious silks and lavish velvets layered together create a cosy, romantic statement.  Bedding can be easily changed and is a simple way of changing the mood, for Valentine’s Day you definitely need to make the bed the focal point, therefore use deep reds and purples and your bed will soon  be the only place your partner will want to be.

Music: As your candles burn and fill the room with amazing scents, all you need is some soft background music for you both to listen to.  This may be the perfect chance for you put together a play list of songs that remind you of some of the most precious times in your relationship.

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