Creative Ways to Use Solid Wood Bookcases

Solid wood bookcases do not have to be dull, uninspiring items of furniture used only to display a collection of well thumbed books. Handmade bookcases can also be decorative furniture items that are a work of art in their own right. They are not strictly for books as they can also be used to display family photographs, or some of your most beautiful ornaments.

From materials such as mahogany to reclaimed teak, there are a variety of solid wood bookcases in unlimited designs, including ones suitable for the smallest of spaces. Here we shall take a look at some of the most stylish bookcases, where to put them in the home, and alternative ways on how to use them.

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Small Bookcases

Bookcases do not have to be bulky items of furniture as there are a variety of slim-line solid wood bookcases for bathrooms and other rooms with limited space.

Teak furniture is water resistant and is suitable for all climate conditions – so a small teak bookcase is ideal for the bathroom! Use it as a bathroom tidy to store rolled up towels, make up, and other everyday items. If you have an open shelved bookcase, a more attractive way to present these smaller items is to put them in pretty boxes, or wicker baskets.

The Minimalist Bookcase

If you want to display your books or photographs in the best possible way without this space looking cluttered, there are some superb handmade bookcases that are perfect for any space, from the living room to the hallway area.

Puji sell a variety of elaborate or decorative bookcases that make a stunning feature in the home. These range from mahogany bookcases with an exotic fretwork frame (large or small sizes available) to striking teak bookcases with feature shelving designed to make a fantastic focal point.

In an open plan living space, an artistically designed bookcase can even be used as a room divider! Some of our bookcases also have shelving at the sides, as well as in the centre, which is a great option if you are using the bookcase to mark different zones.

The Traditional Bookcase

Just as there are decorative bookcases to liven up an interior, there are a variety of traditional teak bookcases – with solid wood shelving – that have a more practical use. Traditional solid wood bookcases can be used in a children’s room to store books and soft toys, or in the living room to display ornaments or family photographs or simply to store your most prized books.

You can also have a traditional style slim line bookcase in the kitchen. A bookcase in this space is the perfect furniture item for displaying recipe books, small bowls, or glasses. Bookcases are a valuable space saver in open plan kitchen/living room area, especially if you are short on cupboards.

Bookcases with Storage

Bookcases are not always open shelved top to bottom, there are also solid wood bookcases with cupboards or drawers under.  These can be used anywhere in the home and the drawers are ideal to hideaway paperwork, craftwork or other items.

A solid wood bookcase with storage under is also a popular and handy furniture piece for the dining room. Use the top section as a display cabinet, for glassware or crockery, and the drawers or cupboard beneath for less attractive functional items such as napkins, placemats or table cloths.

Alcove Bookcases

If you have an alcove space in any other part of the home, a bookcase can be a great way to fill this space. Free standing bookcase can create a comfy library area in the most unexpected of places, such as a hallway or landing ­- and even in the dining room! Just make sure you give yourself sufficient lighting for reading. A few attractive table lamps on the bookshelf, will do, or have a floor standing light to add a cosy glow.

Bespoke Bookcases

If you can’t find an existing freestanding bookcase in the dimensions you need, or have an unusual shaped space to fill, Puji can help in this area too. We make made to measure solid wood bookcases in high quality hardwoods such as teak, oak and mahogany, and you will be surprised at how little this will cost.

Our bespoke bookcases are often sold for around the same price as a similar piece in our standard furniture range. This is because we already produce handmade furniture to exact dimensions for our commercial clients, so we have all the facilities in place to create bespoke furniture for the home. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Solid Wood Bookcases – click here to browse our full range

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