Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

With its rich and welcoming tones, dark wood bedroom furniture adds warmth and sensuality to your home. There is a certain elegance only dark wood can capture and a beauty that will enhance your living space. Dark wood can be teamed with soft indulgent fabrics to create a bedroom that is luxurious and inspiring; a blissful and cosy retreat to relax and unwind in after a long day

The beauty of dark wood is that it works well with all types of homes from traditional to the more modern. Darker tones of stained teak, for example, are full bodied and natural and work with all colour schemes. A bedroom should be your own private escape; a place of peace and comfort which you will enjoy spending time in. With dark wood furniture you can create your own perfect haven.

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Creating a dark wood bedroom – key pieces to get the look

Dark wood furniture has a serene elegance and stylish appeal which is perfect for the bedroom. The bed is the focal point of the room, but wardrobes, bed side tables and drawers help complete the look and are not only functional, but attractive too. Store clutter in chests, cupboards and drawers and introduce accessories for a look that is tranquil and inviting.

Dark wood beds

As many of us spend about a third of our lives sleeping, the bed and the surrounding furniture is one of the most important purchases we can make for our home. A bedroom should provide an environment of peace and comfort and should be a pleasure to relax, sleep and wake up in. Nothing beats a deep restorative sleep which will help you unwind and recharge your batteries for the busy day ahead. A bedroom should be a restful retreat away from the fast-paced lives that so many of us live today.

Single, double, king or super king? There are a host of different options when it comes to choosing a bed. It may seem obvious, but before you shop for your bed, measure your room to ensure you buy the correct bed-size. Leave a gap of about 15 inches on either side of the bed so you have enough space to get in and out comfortably. Make sure you leave room for additional furniture for storage such as wardrobes and chests of drawers. Selecting a good quality mattress can make a real difference between a comfortable full-night’s sleep, to a restless night of tossing and turning. Puji have a wonderful selection of mattresses including open coil, pocket spring and visco elastic memory foam. We can also make our mattresses to a bespoke size if needed.

Puji sell a stunning range of traditional and modern style beds in a selection of dark woods which include teak, oak, mahogany and black lacquered ash. Dark wood beds can be dressed with Puji’s stunning range of accessories. Create a wonderful retreat with crisp organic cotton sheets with a 250 thread count and cushions and pillows in luxurious fabrics. Add a sumptuous throw in an eye-catching colour such as Puji’s square throws in purple passion, green, petrol, azure and sesame.

Luxury is all in the detail and with accessories you can express your creativity and create a room that is truly you. Lighting adds drama and intimacy and candles give your room a soft, romantic feel. To open up your space, place a feature mirror on the wall, such as the bamboo circular mirror and add a rug for extra cosiness. Puji have an outstanding range of contemporary rugs in stylish and contemporary designs which really make a statement.

Dark wood wardrobes

After the bed, the wardrobe is the second most important purchase you will make for your bedroom. A wardrobe should not only be stylish, but functional too as it provides vital extra storage. Before you choose your wardrobe, there are some important considerations to make.

Think about how much space you need to comfortably store your clothes. Do you want a wardrobe with extra shelving? Will you require lots of long hanging space for coats and dresses, or shorter hanging space for jackets, skirts, blouses, shirts and suits?

Decide on whether you prefer a freestanding wardrobe or a fitted wardrobe. A freestanding wardrobe is more versatile in terms of cost and can be taken with you when you move house. A fitted wardrobe provides more storage space, but can make your bedroom look more formal.

A man’s wardrobe, also known as the combination wardrobe, generally has about 50 – 70 percent hanging space and drawers at the base. The drawers are ideal for extra storage for items such as blankets, sheets, or jumpers.

Full hanging wardrobes have a hanging rail which provides enough space to hang coats and long dresses. Shoes, suitcases and bags can be stored at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Although freestanding wardrobes are designed to fit in the average alcove, it is wise to get out your tape measure and check the measurements before you buy. Freestanding wardrobes give your room a more individual look and can be moved around to change the look of your room. Fitted wardrobes provide valuable extra storage space, but offer much less in terms of flexibility.

Dark wood bedside tables

Dark wood beside tables provide vital extra storage and can be used to place a lamp, alarm clock or reading material on. For a more harmonious and balanced look to your bedroom, place one at either side of the bed with a matching bedside lamp.

Puji has a stunning range of dark wood beside tables in teak, oak, mahogany and black lacquered ash. They also come in a variety of different styles including more traditional types of bedside tables with handy drawers for storage or cupboards under. Bedside tables with open shelving offer a more contemporary look.

Dark wood bedroom storage

Once you have decided on your bed and wardrobe, you will need to think about other storage options. A bedroom should be a place of calm and tranquillity, so it should ideally be kept clutter free. Keep bags, make-up, jewellery, ornaments and out of sight with carefully thought out storage.

Puji offer superb storage options for the bedroom including chest of drawers, cabinets, trunks, dressing tables and blanket boxes in a range of dark wood including teak, oak, mahogany and black lacquered ash.

Chests come in a variety of styles and sizes from Puji’s three-drawer contemporary designed Berlin chest to the rustic Henry nine drawer chest in reclaimed teak. Tall-boys help maximise space and can fit in smaller alcoves for handy solutions. Place solid wood trunks at the end of the bed to hold spare bedding and extra blankets. Rattan laundry baskets will keep used clothing out of sight.

Bedroom storage units are not only great for keeping clothing and accessories out of sight but can also be good surfaces for placing lamps, picture frames and displaying beautiful ornaments on, to create that perfect relaxing retreat.

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