Dark Wood Furniture – Making the Most of the Winter Months by Reorganising Your Space

We spend more time indoors during the harsh winter months and, if you want to use this time to re-organise your space, the rich dark tones of dark wood furniture is one way to make your interior more homely.

Another way to give you – and your interior- a lift at this time of year, is to decide whether you need more furniture for storage. An organised home creates a wonderful, calming environment and it will free up your time to do other things, such as entertaining at home, studying, or taking up a new hobby.

Here we shall look at how to create a tranquil home environment with dark wood furniture.

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Dark Wood Furniture – Restore Chaos to Calm with Handy Storage Ideas

From books to CDs and clothing, we accumulate all sorts of things over the years and – unless we de-clutter every now and again, or find a place to store them – our homes can easily become messy and disorganised.

Here we shall take a room by room look at some of the most common clutter problems – and offer dark wood furniture solutions.

Bedroom: Storing Blankets and Sheets

Sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and blankets take up lots of space in the home. However, if your airing cupboard or the space above your wardrobe isn’t big enough, where do you store the bed linen?

A fantastic solution for bulky bedding items are blanket boxes, and these will also double up as seating. Puji has a wonderful range of dark wood furniture blanket boxes including our sleek Indah Dark Rustic Chest, which is ideal for homes with a minimalist look. Or, for something more elaborate, the Colonial Trunk is a dark, wooden, carved chest that will make a fantastic focal point.

Children’s Room: Keeping Toys and Books Tidy

Children’s rooms are often cluttered with toys and books – and these are either strewn all over the floor or hidden under the bed. However, with the right storage solutions, you can find a place for everything – and an organised space may even encourage your little ones to tidy their room!

Small chests and cupboards are a great solution for a children’s bedroom. Another option is a bookshelf or display cabinet and these are not only useful for books but make a great tidy for games and soft toys too. The Indah Dark Mini Cubic Unit, for example, is low enough for your little ones to reach the shelves.

Bathroom: Storing Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are another potential clutter problem and make-up, skin care products, cotton wool and oral hygiene products can easily make a bathroom look messy and disorganised. Free standing shelving is one solution for bathroom accessories and you can designate pretty bowls or boxes for different categories of items, such as make up or hair products.

Towels are also difficult to find space for and bathroom shelving could provide the answer. However, if your bathroom is too small for this, another solution is to designate a cupboard in the hallway for soft towels. You can organise the shelving with a shelf each for face cloths, hand towels, medium sized towels and fluffy bath towels.

Puji sell a wide range of cupboards or free standing shelving for bathroom storage. And, for the perfect bathroom fit, we provide made to measure furniture for even the trickiest of spaces – and at great prices too!

Hallway: Storage Ideas for Trainers and Shoes

Trainers and shoes can easily cause a tripping hazard. A shoe cupboard is a great storage solution and keeps the hallway clear when you welcome guests.

Puji sell two and three rack shoe cupboards, as well as shoe cupboards with handy drawers for those small items that you can never find a place for such as: keys, loose change, paperwork and sunglasses.

Office: Tidying Files and Paperwork

Finding storage space for files, paperwork and books can be a real headache and, without a designated place for these, a home office can look messy and unkempt.

Puji has a wide range of dark wood furniture home office storage solutions to suit even the smallest of spaces. Our home office furniture includes: filing cabinets, bookshelves and cupboards and, if you are restricted on space, the Henry Dark Locker makes a great office tidy because it is tall and narrow with five roomy shelves.

Living Room: Storing Living Room Accessories

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the home and, with the remote controls for almost every electronic device, this space can easily become over-run with clutter. Coffee tables with storage underneath give you the best of both worlds – a surface for drinks and snacks – and drawers or shelves under for remote controls, pens, paperwork, books and magazines.

Family Room: Tidying Games Consoles and DVDs

From Playstations, to Wii’s, Apple TVs and Xboxes, homes are full of gadgets and electronic devices. Plus there are all the accessories to go with them such as remote controls and joysticks, not to mention the games.  TV entertainment centres make great tidies for the family room and The Jaya Plasma Unit and the Jaya Large Plasma Unit have drawers and shelving for all your storage needs.

Dining Room: Storing Table Accessories

If you are preparing to host a dinner party or other formal occasion, you need all sorts of items to dress the dining room table – table cloths, mats, coasters, napkins, napkin rings, glasses, jugs, candle sticks, bowls and cutlery. However, you also need somewhere to store these items when the room is not in use.

Puji has a host of storage solutions for every size and shape of dining room. Our storage furniture includes: display cabinets (which you can use to display your best glassware and crockery), book cases, side boards, console tables and side tables. Just browse our website to see our beautiful range of dark wood furniture for dining room storage.

Dark Wood Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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