Dark Wood Furniture – Top Tricks on Making a Large Space Appear Cosier

Dark Wood Furniture – Making the Most of a Large Space

Houses may be getting smaller and smaller and rising house prices usually mean we are more restricted on space. However if you’re lucky enough to have a period property with gorgeous high ceilings, sash windows and alcove walls, you may find that you’re faced with a different challenge, and making the space appear cosy can be harder than you imagine! 

Purchasing dark wood furniture can be the answer.  The warm, rich tones easily add warmth and depth to a living space.  Dark wood furniture oozes sophistication and will always appear more expensive than it is.  A warm, intimate interior will offer you a living space that you can enjoy, relax and unwind in; your own little haven to escape to after the demanding day.

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Why Dark Wood Furniture Makes a Living Room Appear Smaller

You may be one of the lucky ones with a living room that’s spacious but you don’t want this room to be sparse and cold.  Instead, you want to create a room that is warm and relaxing: a living room that makes you want to kick off your shoes, sink your bare feet in a deep pile rug, and snuggle up on the couch with a cushion and glass of wine.  But how do you achieve this?  Dark wood furniture will help make a large space appear smaller and instantly makes a room feel more intimate and warmer.  You can even buy furniture to fit the space: wall-to-wall bookcases, oversized coffee tables and beautiful sideboards look great if you have the space for them.   Puji have a vast range of dark wood furniture for the living area and many of our designs can be made to measure so we can get the proportions right for your home.

How to Make a Large Living Room Appear Cosier

The easiest way to help a large space feel less intimidating, cold, and airy, is to add depth and warm tones.  Look at the furniture you have if you want a cosy interior.  You will need darker toned items – real wood is best as the natural grains will look luxurious and inviting.  Consider purchasing bookcases that can be used in alcoves, or even as a room divider and you can create a focal point with a coffee table.

For the wall coverings, try to move towards adding more colour, or even create a feature wall with wallpaper to draw the space in. Add framed family pictures, wall art or mirrors to dress the walls instead of leaving them blank.

Dark Wood Furniture – Making the Most of a Large SpaceTo create mood and atmosphere, a floor lamp in the corner of the room will provide soft, ambient lighting.  If you have a bookcase, add a small table lamp to a shelf so the light will bounce off the wood as this looks visually stunning at night.  Different levels of light will make a room appear cosy, and in a living room or bedroom this is always going to be the desired look.  Harsh overhead lamps can be switched off at night and side lamps, floor lamps and uplighters are best for the evenings.

Dark Wood Furniture – Making the Most of a Large SpaceNow to the floor; indulge yourself and buy one – or even two rugs, if you have the space.  Deep, heavy weight pile rugs are best in the living room, and if you have a fireplace they will look great.  If you close your eyes you can almost imagine it now: a few lamps on, the fireplace lit, soft music in the back ground, a bottle of red wine, and you on the rug with a magazine or unwinding with friends.

Remember that soft furnishings such as cushions and throws will also help dress a space.  They are perfect to have close, so you can grab them and snuggle up, or prop them behind your head on the couch.

If you have children, why not create a kids’ corner?  You can purchase a dark wood trunk that not only looks great but is also perfect for throwing the kids toys and books in at the end of the day.  Even a screen can be a versatile piece of furniture to have in a large space; you can use it to close off areas, hide clutter, or act as a room divider.

Puji have a large collection of solid wood and dark wooden furniture.  We hand craft many of our pieces from reclaimed teak, so each piece is filled with history and character.  When reclaimed teak is stained dark, it looks sophisticated and enhances a living space. 

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