Decorative Screens & Room Dividers

Decorative Screens & Room Dividers | Contemporary Home AccessoriesThe use of contemporary screens in the modern home serves many purposes.  Decorative screens are used as room dividers, which can be both attractive as well as functional. In today’s interior industry there are room divider screens that can suit any chosen décor. For example if you have an Asian inspired theme then you may consider a bamboo screen that will complement and tie in with your desired look.

They are also good as decorators and accent pieces to add character to your living area, and to provide a focal point. If you have a large space, a room divider can create two cosy areas that are more useable. Using contemporary screens as a room divider can add flavour to your room and create comfortable areas. They also help you clean up in an instant by offering a place to hide toys, clutter and laundry.

Decorative Screens & Room Dividers | Contemporary Home AccessoriesThe space created by the separation of a screen will help create a very private and cosy atmosphere. Behind the panels of a decorative screen lurks a quite place for reading, relaxing, sleeping or even private conversations. It is very easy to use a screen to make a space appear warmer and give uplift to your décor. Screens really do create cosy intimate spaces especially in modern open plan homes. Contemporary screens offer the opportunity to divide rooms without hard walls. They are inspired by the elements of Feng Shui and these pieces provide the idea of division softly.

When purchasing a screen you have the opportunity to be creative

  • A screen can be used for many purposes; it can create a concealed dressing area. This can be a great addition in a guest bedroom and can also make a wonderful accent to any bedroom. You can also add a decorative touch to the bedroom by placing a folding screen at an angle in the corner. This is a great way of using a screen to add style to your room.
  • Contemporary screens also look very stylish when other pieces of furniture are placed in front of them. Adding a stylish occasional chair and potted plant in front of your screen will add interest to your decorating scheme and complete your look.
  • They can be moved around the home easily and placed wherever you want. They also have hinges on alternative sides, which gives you the option of folding it down into a single panel and easily storing it.
  • A screen can be used as a window covering for those who like to be creative. Positioned in front of a window it can create just the right balance of light.
  • In a child’s bedroom they can serve many purposes, if multiple children share a room a screen can be used to create a personal space for each child. Toy storage can also be divided from play areas and distinct places for reading, homework or creative play can easily be created.

Folding screens do not only serve the basic purpose of dividing a space but can be used to create visual interest. The uses for a screen are as endless as your imagination. They are a versatile, beautiful and practical addition to any home.

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