Designing Your Home With Dark Wood Furniture

Dark Wood Furniture – PujiDark wood furniture has a timeless appeal. Whether you are looking to decorate in a traditional or contemporary style, the elegance and beauty of dark wood furniture makes a wonderful addition to your home décor and style.

What is Dark Wood Furniture?

Dark wood furniture is available in a multitude of styles, designs and finishes to suit any interior decorating theme from period to classical, modern or contemporary. Puji sell a stunning range of dark wood furniture including dark wood dining tables, beds, coffee tables, cabinets, bookcases, side tables, display units, wardrobes, dressing tables and chests of drawers.

Teak furniture is particularly appealing because it is one of the hardest woods there is. Furniture in teak wood stained to a darker tone works well in any setting and most colour schemes.  The beauty of dark wood furniture is that with the right choice of accessories, it can be dressed up or down depending on the look you want to achieve.

Not only is dark wood furniture attractive to look at, there is a certain elegance and sophistication only dark wood furniture has. It has a warmth and presence which creates a cosy and tranquil environment to relax in and its rich and welcoming tones enhance any space.

Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

Dark Wood Furniture – PujiDark wood furniture has a cosy and tranquil feel which is ideal for the bedroom as it helps promote a stylish and comfortable environment in which to relax. Contrast dark wood furniture with lighter colours and neutrals on the walls or floors to give your bedroom a stylish and up-to-date look.

For an added wow factor, a chandelier above the bed adds glamour to a traditional space. Or why not add some feature side lights, candles or floor lighting for a more contemporary look? Mood lighting softens the lines of your furniture and helps create a more intimate atmosphere.

Dark Wood Dining Room Furniture

Dark Wood Furniture – PujiDark wood furniture looks good in almost any setting and can create a wonderful ambience. Contrast dark wood dining room furniture with neutral colours on the walls such as bright white, medium taupe or soft grey. Add brightly coloured accessories such as red plates and vases to complete the look.


Dark Wood Living Room Furniture

Dark Wood Furniture – PujiDark furniture in the living room enhances the beauty of your home and creates a warm and inviting environment to relax in. Use paint and accessories to create the right balance of dark and light in your sitting room. Neutral colours often appear in contemporary design. Add flashes of colour with accessories such as cushions or vases. A rug contrasted against dark wood furniture adds a wonderfully cosy and welcoming feel, especially when teamed with soft floor lighting. Bright or light coloured throws over dark wood furniture work fabulously. Table lamps also bring a cosy touch to the living room.

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