Dining Chairs FAQs

What types of dining room chair do Puji sell?

Puji sell a stunning selection of contemporary, traditional and modern dining chairs made from materials such as leather, banana, rattan and teak. Our solid wood dining chairs include slatted back designs, curved backs and wooden dining chairs with beautiful detailing such as a hand-crafted floral motif. Our teak dining chairs come in light or dark wood styles and some have a fitted leather seat pad for extra comfort.

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Our contemporary dining range includes a superb selection of red, brown, white and black leather dining chairs. Puji’s ivory white leather arm chairs look wonderful contrasted with our black lacquered tables.

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We also have a striking selection of contemporary woven chairs with light or dark wood legs. These popular contemporary dining chairs are hand made by weaving banana or rattan fibres on a solid teak frame.

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Puji’s excellent range of contemporary dining chairs can be mixed and matched with any of our dining tables.

Which dining chairs are the most comfortable to sit on?

Leather dining chairs are not only stylish and luxurious, but are also very comfortable. They are a good choice if you hold regular family meals or dinner parties as it is important that guests feel relaxed and at ease. Puji’s superb leather dining chairs include the Marlow and Boston dining chairs, the Milan dining chair, the Henley dining chair and the ivory white Shanxi range.

Wooden dining chairs with a fitted leather seat pad are also ideal for after dinner chats. Puji’s selection of teak dining chairs also includes the Elipse chair which has been designed with a gentle curve that fits in the small of your back for added comfort and support. The Elipse chair comes in light or dark teak.

Woven chairs are great choice for comfort as the natural fibres are slightly flexible, so they allow for some movement as you sit down. We have a range of chairs made from banana or rattan fibres which have been hand-woven onto a teak frame.

Which dining chairs work best in a formal style dining room?

Solid wood chairs look particularly striking in a formal style dining room as they are elegant and classic and so work well with any home style, from traditional homes to contemporary interiors. Puji’s Elipse chairs, Java chair, Bolero chair and Slat chairs all work well in a formal dining room.

Leather dining chairs are luxurious and make a wonderful impression when matched with beautiful teak wood dining tables. They look great with any style of dining table and add style and elegance to a dining area. Puji’s Milan, Henley and Marlow chairs look fantastic in formal dining rooms.

What types of dining chair suit a contemporary style dining room?

Characteristics of a contemporary style dining room are minimalist decor, clean, sleek lines and bold colours. Puji has a superb selection of dining chairs which will add wonderful visual impact to a contemporary style dining room. Our range include beautiful leather chairs in black, brown, white and red, such as our Boston dining chairs, which look striking in a contemporary style home. If you want an oriental feel to your dining room, Puji’s ivory white Shanxi chairs and carver chairs look amazing contrasted with the Shanxi black lacquered oriental dining table.

Puji also has a stylish selection of contemporary wooden dining chairs. Our eye-catching designs include the Pasha chair which has a solid teak wood back and fitted leather seat pad. It looks perfect teamed with our Roco and Kotak dining tables. Alternatively, mix and match solid wood chairs with woven or leather chairs for a striking contemporary look.

Woven dining chairs add the wow factor to any contemporary dining room. Puji have a stunning range made from banana or rattan fibres hand woven onto a solid teak frame. Match them with any of our solid teak dining tables to create a look that guests will admire. The Barteak, Banana and Woven mosquito chairs look fabulous in a contemporary style dining room.

What types of dining chair suit a kitchen diner?

Solid wood chairs look stylish in a kitchen diner and are practical too as they are so hard wearing. Make sure the wood you choose coordinates well with your kitchen cabinets. Puji have a range of solid wood chairs in light and dark teak which look fabulous in any kitchen diner. Our range includes the Santiago chair, Floral dining chair, Elipse chair and Slat chairs.

Woven chairs add a rustic yet contemporary look to this area of the home. They can also be mixed and matched with solid wooden chairs to create a wonderfully relaxed feel to this space. The Banana and Barteak chairs in particular look superb in this part of the home.

How many dining chairs should I buy?

Before buying dining furniture consider how you will use your dining area. Do you want to host regular diner parties, occasional diner parties or are you looking for a dining table for family meals only? Buy enough chairs to fit the table. A five piece dining set of four chairs and a table will be suitable for a family of four, a seven piece dining set of six chairs and a table will be suitable for a family of six.

If you buy a round table or extendable table to easily accommodate extra guests you may want to consider additional seating for when you are entertaining. Chairs not in use can either be stacked or moved to another room to be used as a ‘dress’ chair.

How much space is required around the dining table to comfortably fit the dining chairs?

Make sure there is enough space at the table to comfortably seat each guest. Puji sells an excellent range of tables in different sizes, so it is easy to pick the right one for your needs. With each table size Puji provides an easy guide to how many place settings the table will allow for. However, as a general rule ensure there is between 55 – 60 cms (21.5 – 23.5 inches) per place setting for a rectangular or square table and 75 cms (29.5 inches) for a round table. The table should not be too large or too small for the room. Allow enough space between the table and the wall so guests can comfortably pull out their chairs. For this you will need between 60 – 90 cms (23.5 – 35 inches). Extra space will be needed in the dining area if you have an extendable table to easily seat extra guests when needed.

What types of dining chair are currently the most fashionable?

Contemporary designs with clean straight lines and elegant proportions are currently very fashionable. However when it comes to choosing furniture for your dining room, the most important thing is to pick a good quality chair that not only looks great, but you know it will last. Select a style that is right for your dining room and suits your own personal taste.

Woven furniture is also particularly trendy and adds a striking alternative to solid wood chairs. Unlike solid wood chairs, the natural fibres are slightly flexible and allow some movement when you sit down. Woven chairs are stylish, popular and add a wonderful exotic and contemporary look to the dining room.

Can I mix and match dining chairs or should they all be the same?

Get creative in your dining area. Mixing and matching dining chairs creates an interesting look in your home. Team solid wood chairs with woven banana chairs for a relaxed, yet contemporary look which will really make your dining room stand out. Alternatively, mix leather chairs with solid wood chairs for a creative twist. Using chairs with similar shapes and materials can seamlessly bring together a co-ordinated look. Experiment with different designs and colours to find the look you like best. You don’t have to choose a matching table and chair set for your dining room, but select colours, designs and materials that complement one another.

Can dining chairs be used in other rooms?

Dining chairs are not just for the dining room, but can be used in other areas of the homes as well. Puji’s Crocco woven chair, for instance, looks great in a conservatory style area. With its elegant shape and high back, it can also be used as as a ‘dress chair’ in the entrance hall or to drape clothes over in the bedroom. Puji’s Shanxi leather carver chairs look wonderful as an occasional or desk chair. Puji’s Shanxi leather chair also looks beautiful with the Shanxi dressing table.

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