Dos and Don’ts for an Oriental Themed Home

Oriental Living Room Furniture – What Not to do to Create a Chinese Inspired Interior

When it comes to your living spaces and the areas where you tend to gather as a family, then Oriental living room furniture can help create a soothing and serene space.  The delicate lacquered finishing’s and styles means that these pieces won’t feel heavy and leave your living room feeling overpowered and cluttered.  However it is important to remember some simple dos and don’ts when trying to achieve an Oriental themed home:

1)    Don’t overdo it! Oriental spaces, especially the living room, should be uncluttered to keep the energy flowing easily around the room.  Your Oriental living room furniture will need just a few decorative accessories and, in the living room, framed photos and candles are usually enough.

2)    Do divide spaces with screens: Room dividers that can be opened or closed and even moved around are an ideal choice.   You can even position them in front of windows, so you don’t need window coverings and can have the natural light filtering into the room.

3)    Do add floor cushions: In Asian homes, coffee tables are often used as a dining surface. So why not take your inspiration from this and throw some beautiful cushions on the floor in aqua’s and reds and sit around the coffee table for a relaxed evening meal or snack?

4)    Do add lighting to match the theme of the room: Table lamps are an ideal way to update lighting as they will emit a much softer light than harsh overheads.  Remember Oriental design loves symmetry, so try to introduce matching styles if possible.

5)    Do introduce textures and patterns into your living space: This can be achieved through the introduction of cushions and throws.  Keep tones suited to your Oriental living room furniture and go for subtle reds, gold’s, and hues of aqua and burnt orange.

6)    Do hang framed prints, carvings or a mother of pearl mirror on the wall: One top tip is to make sure the mirror is not opposite the door as this won’t be good Feng Shui.

Oriental Living Room Furniture – What Not to do to Create a Chinese Inspired Interior

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