Dressing your dining table for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start your festive preparations. Decorating your home for the holiday season adds to all the excitement as the countdown to Christmas begins. The dining table sets the mood at Yuletide as this where our family and friends gather for the all-important Christmas dinner. As the dining table is often the focal point on Christmas Day, decorating it in advance will not only help the big day run smoothly, but is fun to do and gives you a chance to get creative!

Choosing a dining table

A dining table can take between two weeks to six months for delivery, depending on where it is purchased, so you will have to act quickly if you want to buy one in time for this Christmas. However, if you are thinking about a buying a new dining table for festive celebrations or for future formal occasions or dinner parties, bear in mind that different shaped tables can create different effects, so it is important that you choose the right table.

Round dining tables

Round tables are more sociable than traditional rectangular tables because they allow for greater eye contact, so conversation flows better. With a round table it is easy to slip in another chair if an unexpected friend or family member shows up at the last minute – which is ideal at Christmas when extra guests are always a possibility.

A round table means diners can easily help themselves to side dishes or extra portions instead of waiting for food to be passed down – which is perfect at Christmas time! It is also great for excited younger guests as round tables don’t have the sharp corners that rectangular or square tables may have.

When decorating your round table at Christmas, consider a dramatic centre-piece such as a round glass bowl filled with Christmas ornaments, glass baubles or pine cones sprayed with artificial snow. A small Christmas wreath decorated with pine cones, ribbons and shrubs can also be an attractive way to dress your round table. Add a candle or two to bring your Christmas table to life.

Square dining tables

Like round dining tables, square tables are more intimate than rectangular ones, so they are great for Christmas Day gatherings. They allow for an equal placement of guests so it is easier to converse with everyone at the table. After dinner, a square table offers a fantastic excuse to bring out the family board games! A square table is the ideal shape to play cards or games on, such as Monopoly, Cluedo or Scrabble. It also has the benefit of taking up less space than a rectangular table and can easily be pushed into a corner when the festivities are over.

To decorate your table at Christmas, cover it with a pretty square table cloth and add a beautiful festive centre-piece such as a square plate in silver, gold or red with one or two candles placed securely on the plate and surrounded by baubles.

Rectangular dining tables

A rectangular dining table is a good table of choice if you entertain regularly or are hosting Christmas dinner because it accommodates a larger number of people. With a rectangular table, there is generally more room to place extra serving dishes without affecting the comfort of the guests. It is one of the most common types of dining room table mainly because most dining rooms are this shape.

To decorate your rectangular table for Christmas, cover it with a festive table cloth or runner and set the mood with candelabra and a dramatic centrepiece.

Extendable dining tables

Extendable dining tables are particularly handy at Christmas when you have lots of extra guests. They are a very versatile furniture piece because they don’t take up so much room but can be extended when the need arises. So if you prefer a smaller table for day-to-day family use but also want the option to accommodate more guests on special occasions, an extendable table could be the answer. An extendable table is a stylish and practical way to meet your needs at Christmas as it benefits from being two tables in one.

Christmas table decorations

Decorating your Christmas table is always a good opportunity to show your creativity. Start by choosing a colour for your Christmas table and build on it. Beautiful fabrics look stunning on a dining room table so cover your table with a pretty linen cloth or table runner. Put a place mat at each table setting along with cutlery and crockery and fold linen napkins in wine glasses or use napkin rings. Place a cracker and place name at each table setting and top off your look with a floral arrangement or a spectacular evergreen centre piece and candles. Polish silverware and wine glasses and add sequins in between place settings to make your table dazzle.

Crockery such as plates and serving bowls can look striking in bold colours. Build your centre-piece around a feature bowl such as Puji’s stunning stainless steel bay leaf bowl or pearl or aqua heart bowl. Puji’s pretty Christmas tea light gift set looks elegant on any dining table and our inviting range of fragrant diffusers adds a homely and welcoming touch to pre-Christmas drinks.

If you are hosting Christmas drinks, Puji’s contemporary designed box cube wine rack is the perfect storage solution and looks stylish in any kitchen or dining room.

Colour Scheme

Select a colour scheme for your table to really make an impact. Colours help set the mood. Red, gold, silver, white or green are all good festive colours and any of these can work well on a Christmas table. Gold and silver work well with nearly any colour. Whites and silver have a wintery feel and can be matched with blue and teamed with sparkles for spectacular effect.

Red helps bring out the Christmas cheer and works well with white or green. Place red candles amidst an evergreen centre-piece and have a red runner and bold red napkins. For a more earthy touch, use browns, greens and gold. A well decorated table can help kick start your celebrations in style.

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