Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Furniture | Reclaimed Teak | Organic Fair Trade Bedding

The ideal of living ‘green’ is clearly gaining popularity these days and has finally found its way into the suburbs. At long last people are paying more consideration to our precious planet and its resources. People who want to live ‘green’ now have a wide array of choices available to them whether it is in the form of organic food and clothing, natural cleaning products or by purchasing items eco friendly furniture.

The term eco-friendly means the product or company is not causing a negative impact on the earth. This could mean that the product is made from a renewable resource such as coir, bamboo or paper. It could mean that a product is sustainable, meaning that it is maintaining a current state – like when we use reusable shopping bags. When you reuse something you are not taking more from the earth. A product can be from a recycled item, or it can be reclaimed, or salvaged, meaning that it is being used again either for the same purpose or another purpose.

Here at Puji we are committed to improving our sustainability policies and keeping the care of the environment as a priority. We use reclaimed wood wherever possible and use wood from approved plantations.

Our reclaimed wood hasn’t been produced at the cost of a rain forest. Reclaimed wood furniture is eco- friendly for two reasons; it reduces the need to destroy more trees for manufacturing purposes and also reduces the amount of ‘waste’ wood that is disposed of by burning.

Eco Friendly Furniture | Reclaimed Teak | Organic Fair Trade Bedding
Wood is an incredibly durable resource and in centuries past reclaimed wood was common practice. It made sense to recycle timber rather than spend unnecessary time and effort in cutting down new trees. By reclaiming and recycling wood we can reduce the demand on the world’s forests yet satisfy the growing demand for wood furniture that doesn’t cost the earth.

Everyone appreciates well-made furniture in their home and work spaces. The Puji range takes wood that has outlived its original use, and carefully re-uses it to create modern, contemporary pieces in a wide range of styles. Our stylish solid wood furniture also benefits from having the quality and strength of mature wood without impacting on the world’s natural resources.

Reusing old wood in new ways, whether fashioning railroad ties into flooring, or old plank barrels into a bed, is enjoying a renewed vogue amongst homeowners who are weary of generic looks and are concerned about the environment.

At Puji we use reclaimed teak, which is made from old-growth wood sourced from Indonesia. In Indonesia, old Colonial buildings are being deconstructed in favour of modern-style designs. We reclaim the teak from the old buildings and reuse it to make a selection of solid wood furniture. In many cases, the reclaimed teak has been well seasoned and aired for over 100 years. This means that the wood is unlikely to warp or crack, and it adds to the durability of the timber. Reclaimed teak has a beautiful rustic weathered look that adds a depth of history and character to home furnishings. Not only does purchasing a ‘Puji’ piece look after the environment but also all of our manufacturing is carried out by local people, who are very creative, and hard working. Their talent is outstanding, and they make furniture and home accessories using traditional techniques.

Reclaimed teak is quirky, rustic looking and also very practical. It is less likely to shrink than new wood, as it is fully acclimatised, and a century old reclaimed timber will have tighter, harder grain than today’s forestry can match, making it stronger and more hardwearing. This makes reclaimed teak furniture ideal in houses with pets and small children, where it can easily withstand every day wear and tear, without detracting from its natural beauty.

Our eco friendly furniture range also includes woven rattan chairs that are manufactured from short growth natural water based reeds such as water hyacinth, croco, rattan and coco stick.

Eco Friendly Furniture | Reclaimed Teak | Organic Fair Trade BeddingRattan woven chairs and banana chairs are very popular because the natural fibers are slightly flexible, which allows some movement when you sit down. Both the seat and the back are wrapped in the fibres which make the chairs comfortable, so it becomes the ideal seat for long dinner parties.


Here at Puji we have extensive ranges of eco friendly dining, living, and bedroom furniture.

Eco Friendly Furniture | Reclaimed Teak | Organic Fair Trade BeddingThe Puji Home Accessories range has been designed with a tranquil blend of natural, ethnic materials and contemporary form. The materials are all naturally grown in abundance in Indonesia.


Indonesia consists of 13,000 different islands, which means there is a lot of water and therefore many of our accessories use natural water based reeds such as water hyacinth, croco, rattan and coco stick. Also there are other natural exotic fibrous products such as banana leaf weave, bamboo, mahogany bark, pungent plant roots and coconut. All these materials have contrasting textures compared with the simple, clean lines of the solid teakwood furniture.

Ethical production and minimising our environmental impact is one of our core aims and we try to make sure every aspect of our business is eco friendly. We work hard to recycle as much packaging in the UK as possible and we operate ‘positive recycling’reusing as many boxes and wrappings as possible.

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