Extendable Dining Room Tables – Creating the perfect outdoor space for a children’s party

If your son or daughter is lucky enough to have a birthday within the summer months then you have a great excuse for outdoor entertaining.  When it comes to organising a children’s birthday, you have to consider that when you mix children a lot of sugar it can become chaotic – food may be dropped and the drinks may be spilt – but a great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about your new carpet or sofas, so there will be less cleaning up for you to do afterwards!

Extendable Dining Room TablesThere are many ways for you to set the scene and make your garden look colourful and fun.  If you don’t have enough patio furniture then you might want to consider bringing your extendable dining table outside temporarily for the occasion.  Extendable dining room tables are versatile and fit in perfectly with all types of lifestyles, ideal for small family meals but when you extend the dining table it becomes perfect for entertaining and hosting larger functions.  Puji sell a variety of extending reclaimed teak dining tables, perfect for a household with children because reclaimed teak is very durable. And, if anything was to accidently spill all you need is a damp cloth to wipe it clean and it will be as good as new.

Teak Furniture | Reclaimed Teak FurnitureYou will also need seating for the parents to sit and organise the games and for the children to eat their food. Benches are a perfect option when you have children because you can squeeze a few extra little bottoms on a bench.  Puji have a great range of benches which match the extendable dining room tables – completing your dining set.

Children’s birthday parties are a great time to pick a theme and make your garden look fantastic.  For your daughter, you can choose a princess theme and make everything pretty and pink. All the girls can have little tiaras and all the cupcakes can have mini crowns and jewels on them.  For your son you can choose a pirates theme and have pirate flags in the trees, and hats and eye patches for all the kids. You can also organise a treasure hunt with chocolate gold coins in the garden and give a prize to the winner.

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