Feature Mirrors- Ideas for Every Room in the Home

Feature Mirrors – Home Accessories

As an Interior designer, I strongly believe that each room in the home should showcase a mirror.   Obviously, a mirror has a functional purpose – it reflects space and makes a room appear larger.  However, a feature mirror is more like a work of art than a practical home accessory.  A handmade mirror with intricate detailing stands out and makes a bare wall look incredibly striking.  Show homes always have a beautiful feature mirror in the hallway. Firstly, it’s the first room potential buyers see, so a mirror is perfect for expanding this space; secondly, it gives a home an instant ‘wow’ factor and encourages viewers to look at the rest of the property.

I often have clients tell me they prefer simple mirrors and most don’t want to budget much for this home accessory. However, what they are failing to remember is that a simple, plain mirror won’t add much to the decor of their home, other than reflecting light.  I consider a mirror to be one of those luxurious home accents that can complete a room within an instant.  Few interior design elements sparkle and shine like a mirror.  Whether as a striking visual feature, a means of creating space, or to fill a room with reflected light, a feature mirror is a must-have item.  Remember, all you need is just one fabulous wall to make a room stand out.  Whether you want to make a bold statement, or simply to have a space that needs to impress, adding a mirror can create an original and stylish element to your decor.

In the bedroom, a mirror really is a must-have item, and this is also the case for the neglected guest bedroom!  Before purchasing your mirror, consider your bedroom theme. If you have a country chic bedroom why not get creative and create a wall of mirrors using a collection of different shapes and styles of Venetian mirrors?  This feature is incredibly popular amongst designers as it creates a pretty and soft feature and will add sparkle to even the dullest of rooms. If your bedroom is glamorous and opulent then consider purchasing a large mirror with a frame that will draw the eye.  Nothing makes a room look more luxurious than an impressive mirror!

The introduction of a full-sized floor mirror can make a dramatic statement if you have a small bedroom space.  Adding a simple, full-sized framed mirror placed on the floor and resting against the wall can create an incredible feature in the room.  Leaner mirrors have increased in popularity and interior designers will make sure to introduce at least one to a home interior.  This look works equally well in the living room and at the end of a hallway.

Bathroom mirrors tend to be practical and functional; however, they really don’t need to be boring.  The bathroom can also have a touch of glam and style! Your bathroom mirror is the perfect artistic feature you can add to this space. If you have a large bathroom take inspiration from those gorgeous hotels you see in the movies or have stayed in and introduce two mirrors as a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ feature. This designer look will give your bathroom a contemporary and modern edge.  For those who prefer traditional styling and vintage charm, try hanging a framed mirror from the ceiling as this will add character to your bathroom and double up as a practical vanity.  To get this look right you will need to purchase a mirror with detailing such as gorgeous carved frame or a painted distressed finish.  If you have a very small bathroom, a top tip to consider is hanging a framed mirror over the bathtub.  This can really help make a small bath look larger while also creating a striking feature.

In the living room, mirrors have lost centre stage due to wall mounted TVs but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one.  Hanging a large mirror in the living room can add visual dimension.  For example, if you’re trying to increase the visual length of a room, hang a large mirror on a narrow wall.  To expand the width, mount a large mirror or a group of mirrors on the longer wall. To make a living room appear brighter, hang two matching mirrors across from your windows and they will multiply the natural light.  Once again, consider your design theme. If you have rustic furniture, then adding mirrors with a reclaimed wood frame filled with natural character and history will be a perfect addition.  If you have introduced the popular monochrome trend to your living space then add a black moulded framed mirror to your white walls to bring them to life; this will look super stylish. And, if you’re feeling bold, why not add a collection of smaller sized ones that look like pictures hung on the wall but are actually a collection of framed mirrors?

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or chimney breast wall, remember it is not complete without a dramatic mirror hung to add warmth and style.  If you need to create an illusion of space, then hang matching mirrors on either side of the fireplace to help the room feel larger.

In the dining room, a mirror placed opposite your dining table or above a sideboard will look fantastic when you are entertaining.  The mirror will reflect the wonderful array of food and serving ware that you have displayed.

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