Finding the ideal bed to beat the winter blues


The bed is the focal point in the room; it’s probably the most used piece of furniture, and the most important, as there is no better feeling than relaxing and sinking into it after a hectic day.  Contemporary canopy beds are perfect for this, especially in winter, as they look stylish and dreamy.  You may already have an existing bed that you want to transform, and we have the perfect way for you to do this.

Contemporary canopy beds usually feature posts at each corner and they always make a grand statement.  You can create the look of a canopy bed by hanging curtains from an ‘L’ shaped drapery rod from the ceiling.  You can choose a lovely fabric to drape down to complement your interior and headboard.  This would transform the look of your bedroom and create a lovely, romantic atmosphere, ideal for lazing in bed with your loved one.

Another great tip to dramatically change the look of your bed is by hanging a ‘U’ shaped curtain rail above the headboard and draping curtains that drop behind the bed.  This will create an illusion of a canopy bed and is also a great way to create a feature wall. Choose a fabric that contrasts with the wall colours, a material with a printed pattern would be ideal.

my-paradissi-diy-bed-canopy-ikea-livet-hemmaIf you prefer more of a contemporary design and something which is not as grand hang a large piece of fabric above the bed; the corners can be tied with string or ribbon to keep the design minimalist.  You could choose a bold pattern or stripes to make sure it creates a statement.

The benefits of creating your own contemporary canopy bed is that you can change the fabric as and when you feel. So, you can have bright fabrics during the summer months, and in the winter you can have heavier, darker finishes which will transform the mood of the room.

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