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Fireside Rugs | Contemporary Home Accessories

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room then this should be the centerpiece of your living space. Your fireplace should be a beautiful focal point that all you friends and guests will admire so it’s important to apply some decorating ideas here. Why not introduce an appealing and cosy fireside rug, along with a rattan basket filled with magazines or logs and some lovely feature floor cushions or candles.


Fireside Rugs | Contemporary Home AccessoriesThere is something truly wonderful and indulgent about having a fireside rug. They introduce a new level of class and sophistication to a room. Nothing is more romantic than spending an evening in front of an open fire, especially now that winter is here and the nights are cold and dark. Imagine turning down the lights, lighting a fire and stretching out on a soft floor rug. Together with a loved one and a bottle of wine or champagne, the scene is set for a perfect relaxed evening.


Fireside Rugs | Contemporary Home AccessoriesTo make sure your fireplace remains the focal point to the room it is usually best to choose a fireside rug that has a simple and subdued pattern or a plain rug that will complement the rest of your décor and not become a distraction. You will find fireside rugs in all colours and styles, offering something perfect for every home interior whether it is traditional, contemporary or even art deco.

Fireside rugs do more than just take the chill off your floor. They also protect your floor, whether it is wooden, tiled or carpeted, so that any sparks that land wont’ scorch or burn your floor.

Perfect Fireside Rugs

Fibreglass faced rugs offer the best protection for your flooring, as embers will not burn the fiberglass face of the rug.

Nylon rugs are another good choice, as they will wear well even under the toughest circumstances. These types of rug are perfect in homes where there are small children or pets. Nylon also has a high melting point compared to other synthetic materials.

Wool rugs, however, are still the most popular choice they are very durable and resistant to water, fire and stains. They are naturally self-extinguishing, and although they can char, a wool rug won’t melt like synthetic fibers. Care should be taken though not to over expose any rug.

A firm favourite for the fireplace is a shag pile wool rug that provides a simple and stylish design. Introducing a rug like this to your room will add extra warmth to the room’s décor and will help draw the eye to your fireplace, creating a wonderful focal point.

Once you have your rug in place a beautiful way to protect it is to introduce a fireguard screen. There are many different styles available from modern tempered glass to more intricate and ornate metal screens.

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