Five Different Ways of Organising Your Bookcases

Solid Wood Bookcases

Once you have found the perfect solid wood bookcase or storage solution for your home the next step is to organise all your belongings.  Whether you have invested in a wooden book case or a CD rack, both need to be arranged so that it is easier to find what you are looking for.

Puji have put together 5 different ideas on how to put your bookcases in order:


  • By colour – Organising books in to the right colour would really turn your bookcase into a focal point in the room. Colour blocking is very effective and your furniture would definitely look like a creative art piece.
  • Alphabetically – You may be the type of person that prefers your books categorised either by author or title; this way you won’t have to search through all your books to find the one you want.
  • Hardbacks and paperback- If your book collection is one to admire, you may have a few favourites that you spent a little extra on to get the hardback version. You could separate the hardbacks and paperbacks so when you reach out for one of your favourite novels or non-fiction books, they will all be in one section.
  • Size of books – You may want to organise your books in size order, from large too small. This will make your book case look incredibly organised.
  • Decorative – One unique way to organise your bookshelves is to separate sections of your books with sentimental ornaments between them. It will make your bookcase look  quite trendy, but you would need to make sure that this furniture piece isn’t too cluttered.

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