Five top Looks for Spring

It looks like spring has finally arrived! The sun is shining and the daffodils are in full bloom. A season of new beginnings, this is the ideal time to give your home a mini make-over and award it a fresh, uplifting feel.  Retro home furnishings made a big appearance in 2013 and are set to get even bigger this year.  Every home needs a touch of nostalgia from eras gone by, and introducing some retro furniture and vintage inspired accessories are a big YES this spring.  Here, at Puji, we have identified 5 top looks to help you buy your retro home furnishings:

Retro Home Furnishings – Top Looks for Spring1)      Retro Seating– Every home needs a comfy, worn-in and inviting chair.  Add a leather occasional seat to your lounge, bedroom, hallway or even your office and you will create a very charming focal point.  Retro chairs are available in array of modern and classy designs so you’re sure to find a style that suits your personality.  Look for styles with contrasting materials such as wood and metal frames.  This year, natural wood is making a big comeback so try to choose a light wooden frame and the natural grains will contrast beautifully against the leather.

Retro Home Furnishings – Top Looks for Spring2)      Dress your walls! – Fill a blank wall with a quirky retro clock.  Who said telling the time had to be boring? Look for styles with personality and they’ll team up as wall art. If you don’t have the wall space, then purchase a cute mantel clock to jazz up a sideboard or console table.


Retro Home Furnishings – Top Looks for Spring3)      Beachy Dining Room– The nautical theme is still here and white furniture is in demand.  Why not look for styles that have elements of retro design, such as slanted legs and overhung tops in distressed white finishes?  Team with a strong colour and a few accessories and your dining room will look amazing.


Retro Home Furnishings – Top Looks for Spring4)      Kitchens are the new living room! – The kitchen is where it all happens these days, especially with open plan spaces becoming so popular.  This is the gathering hub of the house so introduce a touch of ‘retro’ with some new accessories and this room will take on a new appeal.  Fun and quirky storage jars, along with colourful kettles and toasters, will bring your kitchen counter to life.

Retro Home Furnishings – Top Looks for Spring5)      Painted Furniture hotter than ever- The new look of painted furniture has been fuelled by the desire to make pieces look recycled and the painted furniture trend is hotter than ever this spring. Designs are available in a variety of styles and this trend is all about painted pieces that have been distressed to look as though they have been passed down through generations.

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