Floor Vases – Give Your Home a Contemporary Feel with Modern Floor Vases

Floor Vases – Contemporary Home Accessories

Floor vases are an easy way to decorate a gloomy corner, accentuate shelving, fill a boring space and introduce more colour into your interior.  The right floor vase can even make a design statement in a room.

When deciding on your floor vase it’s best to decide where you will use it and whether you want one to display decorative items and sticks, or flowers.  Always consider your space so that you don’t end up with a purchase that doesn’t suit your home.


Where and how can I use a floor vase?

A floor vase can be used to decorate any home and is a simple way to add an eye catching accent:

  • Fill empty corners of rooms
  • Place either side of a fireplace to create a focal point
  • Add to a hallway to give your entrance a simple make over
  • Two large matching floor vases can work as a room divider for open plan spaces
  • You can place one on staircase landings
  • Alongside the bottom of the stairs
  • In an alcove
  • Next to a sofa or piece of furniture like a console table or sideboard.
  • Add a cluster of floor vases in the same style but with differing heights in large open spaces to really add a dramatic look
  • In small spaces choose a vase with a small neck opening in a distinctive style that can stand-alone and act as a decorative piece.
  • For elaborate and ornate vases, keep the arrangement simple or don’t use one at all.  The vase itself should be enough of a statement.
  • If the vase is simple in design and shape, add a more elaborate arrangement at the top to make an artistic statement.

What type should I choose?

Floor vases are available in a wide variety of materials such as mosaic, glass, wood, bamboo, metal and plastic.

Natural Floor Vases

Floor Vases – Contemporary Home AccessoriesThese vases are usually crafted from beautiful, natural materials like bamboo, teak wood, banana etc.   The natural patterns and textures of these vases add character and liven up any interior space.

At Puji we offer hand crafted natural floor vases from Indonesia in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Contemporary Mosaic Floor Vases


If you want to add a touch of ‘glam’ to your interior then a mosaic floor vase is perfect.  The sparkle they radiate when light hits them make these vases works of art.

At Puji we have mosaic floor vases in a variety of sizes.  Tall and grand, these stylish vases make a striking accent to your interior.  Hand crafted by artisans in Indonesia, every last piece of glass is hand cut, hand painted, and then affixed to the vase in a simple freeform pattern arrangement.

Colourful Floor Vases

If your interior needs an injection of colour then a bold, painted floor vase could work perfectly.  These vases are works of art and the selection is very varied so you’re bound to find one in a  size and colour that will complement your home.

At Puji, our unique, detailed and hand painted vases are so striking they don’t need any sticks or flowers to bring them to life. They will instantly add interest to your room or that empty corner.  The vivid colours and organic shape combine beautifully to create a lasting impression.

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