Four amazing Looks You Can Achieve With Contemporary Dining Furniture

Contemporary Dining Furniture- Solid Wood Tables and Chairs

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house – from breakfast, lunch to dinner for the family – and it doesn’t stop there; it’s great to have the extra place to entertain friends.

All year round there are events in the dining room, Easter, Christmas and birthdays, so it’s vital that your you choose contemporary dining furniture that is practical and beautiful, perfect for every occasion.  As this room is the most used, you have a chance to go to town and make the most of your space and take in all the compliments that your guests give you.

Puji have a wide range of contemporary dining room furniture that could be used to create completely different looks.  So whether you love the look of an oriental style dining room, an eclectic dining room, or a creative dining room, we have the perfect pieces for you to achieve each look.

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A Creative Dining Room


If you are a creative person and you want to inject your personality into your dining room, the perfect choice is the Suar Wood Dining table; this is a limited edition piece and would definitely create a beautiful artistic impact. This item has been handmade from one solid piece of Suar wood and features a stunning live edge that is just breathtaking.  The Suar wood dining table definitely ticks all the boxes for your creative dining room because it is strong, sturdy, truly unique, and is sure to add character to your home.  The fantastic thing about this table is that you could combine leather, wooden or upholstered dining chairs, and whatever you decide to choose it would really set it off.

There are many accessories that would really complement this dining table, bringing the beauty out even more.  If your walls are looking a bit bare, then mirrors or wall art can make a great impact, bringing everything together.  For example the Jepara Wall Art is a great option to keep the room looking creative and contemporary. This item has been hand crafted from reclaimed teak blocks to create a modern, unusual piece of art.

Lighting can really set the mood on a special occasion so if you have a sideboard in your dining area choosing the right lamp would lift the atmosphere, creating a beautiful ambience.  To keep the interior looking contemporary it is very important that you do not clutter your dining area, but to choose the tasteful statement pieces that look fabulous. Puji offer a stunning range of handmade mosaic vases that would make your dining area look luxurious

An Oriental Dining Room

Contemporary Dining Furniture- Solid Wood Tables and Chairs


If you are looking to create a calm and peaceful environment then an oriental dining room would be ideal.  The look you will be trying to achieve would be simple and elegant, clutter free with oriental finishing touches to complete the look.

Puji have a lovely selection of oriental dining room furniture to help you achieve this look. The Black Shanxi Dining Table is a stunning dining table which is  finished in black lacquer with a simple distressed edging. This would combine well with the Shanxi leather dining chairs which have a lovely low relaxed back, perfect to fit in with the look.

It is important to choose the perfect accessories to complement your contemporary dining furniture, so you can add the eastern touch  with the smaller details too.  We offer a beautiful variation of handmade accessories that would key in with the oriental theme. You could dress your dining table with oriental coco stick placemats and runners; the contrast of the black lacquer and the light coco stick texture would really enhance the theme and make your dining table look sensuous.  Other accessories such as screens, Buddha heads and candles would help create a Zen like Dining Room.

An Electric Dining Room


If you already have contemporary dining furniture and you want it to look more electric, just changing a few things can make a big difference. A combination of different textures can have a big impact; so whether you have a light or a dark teak dining table, do not be afraid to think outside the box. Instead of wooden chairs you could choose Banana Woven chairs, these dining chairs are contemporary and are made from  banana fibres woven by hand onto a solid teak frame.

These woven chairs are very popular because unlike solid wood, the natural fibres give slightly which allows for more comfortable seating. The texture is very different to smooth wood and creates a more exotic look. . If you didn’t want to make up a complete dining set with these chairs, then they team up fabulously with benches.

A Solid Teak Dining Room

Contemporary Dining Furniture- Solid Wood Tables and Chairs

Solid teak dining room furniture works well with both modern and traditional interior design. It’s great because the contemporary dining furniture ranges that Puji sell can cater for different customers. If you’re looking for something dark, rustic and traditional, then the Dark Henry Dining Table has been beautifully stained to a warm chocolate colour and is available in different sizes. You would be able to combine it with dark wood dining chairs to complete the look.

If you are searching for something more contemporary then our Mino Range offers a stunning dining table with a smoother finish.  The legs are positioned at the extreme corners of the table top which will give your family members and guests the maximum amount of leg room.  You can team it up with the Mino natural bench or various light teak dining chairs to set it off.

The advantages having a solid teak dining room is that it is practical; so it’s perfect for a busy life because reclaimed teak is sturdy and robust. When showcased in your home it looks luxurious and elegant, giving you a lift every time you see it.

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Hope you feel inspired.


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