Furnishing an Odd Shaped Room

Bespoke Furniture Design – Furnish Your Home With Made to Measure Pieces

When people hear the words ‘bespoke furniture design’ they automatically tend to think exclusive and very expensive.  Surprisingly this is not always the case. Puji offer a free design consultation, where design consultants will sit with you and discuss your ideas, designs and measurements and then help you choose the best options for your home.

When furnishing a room which is an unusual shape, or has difficult spaces, it can be hard to find a complete furniture set that works in your space and suits your personality. This can make your decorating process feel tedious and tiresome. At Puji we will be able to assist you to ensure your furnishing process is a delightful experience, and with hardly any extra cost you can introduce beautiful bespoke furniture into your home.  Our bespoke items are crafted from solid reclaimed teak which is available in different finishes and colours. Reclaimed teak is an eco friendly timber which is durable and is suitable to furnish commercial and residential properties.

It may be that you require your bookcase to have an additional shelf to store your fabulous large book collection, or you may have a design in your mind that you want to manifest.  This can easily be achieved and the benefits of using our made to measure service are that you become a  part of this unique process. It usually starts with a rough sketch on a scrap piece of paper and our furniture designers then complete your technical drawings, and your furniture gets lovingly hand made in Indonesia.   Once your furniture has been completed, it sets sail for the United Kingdom and the Puji delivery team deliver it to you.

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