Get Your Bedroom Ready for Christmas with Reclaimed Teak Furniture

When it’s cold and snowing outside, there’s nothing better than snuggling up indoors under a nice warm duvet. A bedroom decorated with reclaimed teak furniture is a haven of relaxation that is particularly inviting on cold winter nights. Whether you want a hi-tech room to watch movies curled up in bed, or want to sink into soft sheets at the end of a long day, Puji has a fantastic range of beautiful reclaimed teak furniture to inspire you to create the perfect bedroom this winter.

If you have extra guests coming over for Christmas, you will want to get your spare bedroom ready in time to welcome them. Reclaimed teak furniture looks stunning in the bedroom and your guests are sure to comment on your style. Here’s our top tips on how to decorate this space over the holiday period.

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A Bedroom Inspired by Far Eastern Travels.

You can’t do much about the temperature outside but you can turn up the heat indoors by creating a bedroom inspired by visits to exotic and faraway places.

Choosing a reclaimed teak bed is one way to create a bedroom inspired by Far Eastern travels, as the wood is sourced from South East Asia. Much of Puji furniture is made from reclaimed Indonesian teak, which is extremely high quality, and you can match any of our beds to furniture within the same range.

If you want a Far Eastern inspired bedroom, look for matching reclaimed teak furniture in a contemporary style to create the most up to date look. The key is all in the detail and a bed handcrafted by highly skilled Indonesian craftsmen makes a beautiful centre piece in an Asian inspired room.

An exotic handmade rug and an oversized vase made from natural materials such as bamboo or banana skin can add warmth and colour to this space. Artwork, or a wooden teak sculpture, will also give a bedroom a holiday feel. And, for the perfect finishing touch, a statue of a Buddha is a great choice for the bedroom as it helps create a space that is calm and tranquil

A Cosy Bedroom with Clever Storage Ideas

If you are limited on space, you will want to create a cosy area to relax in over the winter period where you aren’t bogged down by clutter. Many modern houses and apartments lack adequate storage, so you may have to buy furniture with this in mind. Fortunately, Puji sell a wide range of reclaimed teak bedroom furniture that will provide handy storage solutions for city living.

All our reclaimed teak beds have space under for storage and there are a variety of attractive boxes designed to fit underneath beds to store anything from towels to clothes, scarves, gloves and handbags.

Another storage solution is to have a solid teak chest at the end of the bed for bed linen, or a seating area with storage under. Our Jaya bench seat looks fantastic at the end of a bed and has open shelving and a centre drawer for items such as socks, belts and scarves.

Gents wardrobes or free-standing combination wardrobes with a mix of hanging space and drawers provide the best of both worlds for a room short on space, as you can hang jackets and trousers and store T-shirts and jumpers.

Puji sell a wide range of chests of drawers in all sizes but, if you have a really tight space, we offer made to measure furniture to fit any size room. Our experts will design and build reclaimed teak furniture to your exact specifications, so you will have a unique bedroom furniture piece.

A Perfect Relaxing Retreat for Winter

Bedrooms should be the most relaxed space in the home, so you can enjoy a full night’s rest. Japanese platform beds are said to be inspired by the design of pagodas and are intended to promote health and well-being, so they are the perfect choice for the most tranquil of rooms.

With reclaimed teak furniture, you can sleep easy knowing that you have chosen an environmentally friendly option. Our expert craftsman at the Puji factory in Java, Indonesia, use teak reclaimed from an entirely different source (old Colonial buildings for instance) and re-craft it into beautiful items of furniture.

Another way to create a restful space is to have a seating area, where you put your feet up and enjoy listening to music or settling down with a good book. Puji sell a variety of seating made from reclaimed teak, such as the oriental bench seat or the Mino love seat, which you can add snug cushions and a bed throw to provide the ultimate in comfort on cold winter evenings. Or, if you prefer the look of rattan seating instead, a rattan egg chair or love seat adds a wonderfully homely touch to a bedroom.

A Dream Teen Room

There are endless ways to decorate a teen’s room using reclaimed teak bedroom furniture and your son or daughter will have their own ideas for the space. Many teens dream of a high tech bedroom so they can enjoy their time indoors on cold winter nights to listen to music or watch movies on a laptop. While high-tech gadgets, such as a plasma screen, is a teen’s ideal, these are probably best avoided as it will disrupt their sleeping pattern and encourages them to stay up late.

A teen’s room needs to provide privacy and comfort as they like to spend a lot of time in their rooms. If you can, and there is space for this, try to invest in a double bed for your teen as they will love all that extra space. They can also use it for seating when their friends pop round after school or at weekends.

A must have in a teen’s bedroom is a desk for homework. Puji have a variety of reclaimed teak desks, with or without drawers for storage, and, if you are really short on space, they could even use a console table. Other requirements for a teen’s room are a wardrobe and also a bookcase or open shelving. Puji have a range of matching reclaimed teak bedroom furniture to create the perfect teen room this Christmas.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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