Give Your Home a Cosy Look with Dark Wood Furniture

Make an impact in your home by introducing dark wood furniture.  The rich and warm tones of dark furniture add a sophisticated and welcoming appeal to any interior space.  We all know that light furniture can help open a space but what does dark furniture do? Dark wood instantly makes a large or open plan space appear intimate, warmer and ultra stylish.  Working well in both period, modern and contemporary homes, it can be the perfect colour choice.

Deciding on what dark wood scheme to introduce is often the harder choice when bringing life to an interior space.  You need to carefully consider the look you hope to achieve, especially when purchasing good quality investment pieces that will last a long time.

An ethnic inspired interior can be very enticing with its exotic and sexy appeal. Whether it’s Moroccan, Indian, Asian, or inspired by the Orient, these dark wood furniture pieces quickly breathe life into any home.   Stunning dark pieces with intricate carved detailing will immediately make a room appear warmer.  Dress up your ethnic dark furniture with hand–made exotic accents that reflect your own personality and the travels you’ve had, and you’ll have a room that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

If you prefer a minimalist approach, then look for classy dark wood furniture pieces that are lower in height with plain, simple clean lines.  Dark wood furniture adds a sense of luxury to a living space; whether you have just one piece, or an entire room set.  A minimalist setting no longer needs to look stark and cold, and a softer edge can be added with a few soft furnishings, floor and side lamps.

Want a peaceful, harmonious room with some Zen?  Then look to the Orient and invest in black lacquered furniture.   Ultra stylish black lacquered furniture, with simple, clean lines makes a space look sophisticated, expensive and classy.  Your room will look like it’s been designed as a stunning hotel retreat.   This style of furniture creates a lasting impression and is well suited to the bedroom, living and dining space.

Close your eyes and simply visualise a neutral painted bedroom with a simple black lacquered bed and bedsides.  Oriental themed bamboo, or silk lamps, sit on the tables and indulgent quilted bedding with cushions begs you to climb in and relax after a day at work.  A simple storage box at the end of the bed keeps clutter hidden and works as an extra seat.  A tall chest of drawers provides ample storage space and the wardrobe is as beautiful as the clothes inside.  You’re looking at Puji’s Shanxi range with its high quality lacquered finish, distressed edge and hinged handles.

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