Give Your Home a Holiday Feel with Gorgeous Contemporary Home Accessories

Summer is the perfect time for short trips and romantic getaways, but even if you’re not travelling abroad purchasing contemporary home accessories can give your home a beautiful uplift.  Why not take inspiration from overseas or old travels and introduce them into your home as finishing touches?  With a small budget you could turn your living room into an Oriental haven reflecting China and Japan. Your dining room could look like a page from a Bali brochure with beautiful rustic, hand crafted accessories on the walls, sideboard and table.  All you need is a bit of creativity and vision and your home will soon have that holiday feel and go on a journey of its own.

Here is a quick list of just a few of our vacation inspired contemporary home accessories which are sure to brighten up your interior.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Oriental Vases – Beautiful Photo FramesOriental Trunks – This set of Oriental storage chests instantly gives you the feeling of traveling to exotic far away places that we see in the movies and read about.  Our Beijing trunk set is perfect for any room; use them in the bedroom to store extra bedding or treasured trinkets; in the home office for storing files and paperwork; or in the living room for hiding clutter in a practical and stylish way.


Contemporary Home Accessories – Oriental Vases – Beautiful Photo FramesPhoto Frames – If you have managed to get away this season, display those beautiful holiday photos in new frames.  Our Summer 2013 range of photo frames have been hand crafted from stylish mosaic glass, wood and ceramic.  We even have branch frames which will make you think of the beach and seaside.


Contemporary Home Accessories – Oriental Vases – Beautiful Photo FramesEastern Inspired Vases – Why not display a dramatic floor vase in the hallway or living room.  Puji has a collection of Eastern inspired floor vases and decorative table vases that will help your interior look stylish and sophisticated.  Our Moroccan lanterns and lighting will also warm up any home.


Contemporary Home Accessories – Oriental Vases – Beautiful Photo FramesUnusual Mirrors – Create a focal point worth talking about with a stunning wall mirror.  From mother of pearl shell effect mirrors to hand crafted driftwood hearts, these mirrors will conjure up images of relaxed beach holidays.


Why not browse our unique and contemporary home accessories collection here

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