Stylish Lighting Ideas to Brighten up Your Home

Good lighting is essential for a room to make an impact, but what sort of lighting is appropriate for where?  Our guide below will help you bring a sparkle to every room in your home.

The Bedroom 

The bedroom is somewhere that needs a varied range of lighting. At night, soft lights are needed to help you unwind and relax. It is useful to have bedside table lamps that can be switched on for reading. During the day, strong, bright light is needed to allow you to get dressed, put on make-up and get up and out.  Most bedrooms combine lighting from a pendant light shade in the centre of the room, with bedside lamps, and possibly a floor lamp. We offer a large selection of beautiful bedside and table lamps with various coloured shades to give off warm, relaxing tones of light.

The Dining Room 

The dining room is a place for relaxed family meals or indulgent dinner parties.  Whether communing for vibrant conversation around the dinner table or reading the Sunday papers at breakfast-time, purchasing a good range of lighting will ensure that your space can be tailored to all occasions. Light suspended from the ceiling creates a visual focus for the dining room. Choose a pendant light that hangs over the centre of your table, and add to the lighting with lamps and wall lights. Consider up lighting in some areas to create a cosy romantic glow.

The Hallway 

Your hall is the room you and your visitors first see when you enter your home. Lighting here should be used to create a warm, welcoming, light space that feels good to enter. When you are thinking of hallway lighting, think decorative. Try hanging lanterns, posh pendants or a chandelier in your hallway, combined with an attractive lamp to create a warm glow.

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