Great Ways on How to Dress the Dining Table for Indoor and Outdoor Events.

When you are hosting a lovely dinner party you would want the atmosphere to be perfect for the type of event.  There are many ways for you to dress your dining table for every occasion – whether it’s a birthday, engagement dinner, afternoon tea, or even if you are just entertaining friends. The decor is a topic that will always come up in conversation and I’m sure you would want it to be nothing but compliments and smiles.

Sometimes you only need to spend a little to make a big impact; you just need to be creative and think outside the box. You do not need to change the dining table for each event, you just need to dress it to impress the guests.

Below we have named a few different occasions where you will decorate your dining table in various ways. To help, we have given our tips on how to dress your dining table for maximum effect, whatever the event in your home.

British Brunch

Great ways on how to dress the dining table for indoor and outdoor events.If you were having your friends over with their husbands you will always need a lot of food, and brunch is the perfect option. Everyone loves a classic English breakfast late in the day and it is probably the easiest meal to prepare – toast, hash browns, sizzling bacon, scrumptious sausages, beans and the perfectly brewed cup of tea.

This occasion is more informal and chilled out, therefore your centre piece would work well as a Lazy Susan; this is a rotating tray in the middle on the table allowing everyone to feel at home and just to help themselves.  The British finishing touches would defiantly have to include the Union Jack in style; for example, you can have Union Jack toothpicks in the hash browns, serviettes with a Union Jack, napkin rings in the colours of the flag, etc… all this will create a lovely fun environment, perfect for a British brunch.

Outdoor Afternoon Tea

Great ways on how to dress the dining table for indoor and outdoor events.Has it been long overdue for a girly catch up? With summer around the corner, it’s an ideal time to take advantage of the sun and host an elegant Afternoon Tea Party.  Finger sandwiches, scones, jam with clotted cream and a lovely variation of tea – Breakfast, Ceylon and Earl Grey – and if you are feeling a little naughty you may as well have a few glasses of champagne.  Afternoon tea is an elegant affair; it’s the type of event that you put on a lovely dress and your finest pearl jewellery, so the decor should be just as graceful.

You can dress your outdoor dining table with a vintage lace table cloth and lovely cotton serviettes.  On this occasion you can bring out the silverware and the fine bone china and even hang bunting on your trees to create the perfect environment.

Great ways on how to dress the dining table for indoor and outdoor events.The sandwiches and scones would sit on a tall tiered cake stand, allowing more room for a candelabra and a vase of stunning flowers.  If you want to really go the extra mile, a professional touch would be to print off your sandwich and sweets menu and place it in a lovely frame.  


Alfresco Dining

Great ways on how to dress the dining table for indoor and outdoor events.The most relaxed dining atmosphere is when you’re eating outside with a classic bottle of wine and the subtle sun’s rays shadow you.  If you have a bench in the garden and you want it to be more comfortable for your guests, you can easily use cushions for extra padding, allowing your guests to feel more restful when eating and conversing.  An alfresco dinner tends to start when it’s warm and bright outside and finishes when it’s dark and cool, so a necessity are candles to set the mood. You may want to hang lanterns from the trees surrounding your dining table and this will keep the atmosphere warm, even when the sun sets.  If you really want to show off, you can bring your wine stand outside as a statement piece for your guests to hand pick their wine choice.

Formal Evening Dinner

Great ways on how to dress the dining table for indoor and outdoor events.A formal dinner is always a grand event: your guests will get dressed up to look their best, and the dining table can be decorated to look spectacular.  Formal decor is very neat and systematic, the placemats should match the table runner and napkins.  The centre piece can be luxuriously large to make an impressive statement; either flowers or a large candelabra would look great.  Once the table has been dressed with china plates, different types of glasses and cutlery, it can look very busy. So for you to keep your dinner party looking remarkable, you can place your food dishes on a luxurious service trolley; this will make it easier for the food to go around the table and not be passed over the tableware.

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