Home gift ideas for first time buyers.

Buying a house warming gift for a first time home owner is easier than you think.  The most important thing is to find something they will want to display in their new home and doesn’t end up packed away in the loft. Purchasing trendy contemporary home accessories is a great choice as accessories are so versatile that they can usually be used in various rooms around the home. A first time home owner will probably be concentrating on those big priority purchases so finishing touches often slip further and further down the list.  Contemporary home accessories are always needed to spruce up a room and complete the look so as gifts they are usually well received.  When buying, remember to consider their style, colour schemes and property type so your gift is the perfect match for their home

At Puji we have a lovely combination of accessories, from luxurious statement mirrors to soft, cuddly cushions and throws.  You could buy a variety of contemporary home accessories that would make the perfect gifts.  You can also have peace of mind knowing that if they don’t work with the recipient’s home style, they can always bring them back for an exchange, so your friend or relative can find something themselves.

Cushions and throws make great gift ideas; they can be displayed on the sofas, bed or occasional chairs, and if you’re worried about buying a colour which is too bold or bright, then stick to a neural colour, this way the new home owner can always contrast the neutral tones with a colour of their choice.

Tableware is something that first time buyers are always in need of. Our stylish range of handmade solid wood tablets, serving bowls and table runners are always well received.

It’s important to keep the energy of the home indoors; warmth and comfort can be added to a home with texture, lighting and mirrors.  Lighting placed infront of mirrors can double the amount of light in a room.  If you’re looking for that extra special gift, then why not browse our mirror and lamp collection? We have unique hand crafted mirrors and lamps, contemporary styles and dazzling mosaics so you’re sure to find a style that they will love.

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