How to Achieve a Vintage Inspired Living Room

Vintage living room furniture is more sought after then ever and all things vintage are high in the fashion stakes.   Vintage interiors have made a comeback and interior designers are enjoying the revival of these quirky items and giving them a modern day twist. Going vintage means adding colour, and introducing a mix and match style.  The old style plain interiors painted cream and filled with muted tones are in the distance and this year it’s all about adding layers of warmth and personality.

Vintage refers to items that were produced from the 1920s to the 1960s and is often referred to as retro.  Modern trends focus on the designs from these eras and update them to suit the contemporary household.  Worn leather, excessive use of fabric and classic styled furniture are back and here to stay!

To introduce a touch of vintage and retro style into your living area you will need to look for vintage living room furniture along with accessories to give this space a new appeal.  Vintage styled furniture doesn’t have to be from generations gone; you’ll find some great revival pieces on the high street.  Look for furniture pieces that look old in terms of style but have been renewed with a modern use of materials and textures.  For a complete vintage living room look for faded floral fabrics, traditional styled occasional chairs that are super comfy, add a colourful mix of cushions and distressed furniture items and your vintage interior will be complete.

To achieve a vintage inspired living room just remember a few key points:

Vintage Living Room Furniture – Get the Antique Style look1)      Vintage renewal has made the occasional chair a must-have buy. Start your make over with your seating, and introduce a new armchair – and you’re on your way to creating that vintage make over.  Look for styles that look warm and comfortable and, of course, to go vintage you need to go for worn leather or an upholstered faded floral chair.  Layer quilts and large oversized cushions on your retro armchair for extra snugness.


Vintage Living Room Furniture – Get the Antique Style look2)      The retro colour combination of orange and brown will work well in a living space as long as it’s well executed and not overdone.  Introduce these colours through the use of accessories and soft furnishings.



Vintage Living Room Furniture – Get the Antique Style look3)      If you have a country themed living room then mixing these floral accents with vintage furniture items, such as a rustic coffee table or distressed painted sideboard, will give the space a vintage homely feel.



Vintage Living Room Furniture – Get the Antique Style look4)      If you have a contemporary space, then bridge the gap between contemporary and retro by adding mix and match statement items such as a floor lamp, colourful cushions and a statement leather armchair.


5)      Bold, vintage styled wallpaper is a very effective and easy way to create some retro decor.  To keep your living space feeling modern, and not overdone, just hang it on one feature wall.

Vintage Living Room Furniture – Get the Antique Style look6)      Don’t forget to add vintage accessories to complete your living room.  Anything can work: from a patchwork quilt draped over the sofa, to mismatched items displayed on a bookcase, groupings of framed family photographs, to vintage inspired cushions; it’s these final touches that will bring your vintage furniture and decor to life.

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