How to Make a Minimalist Living Room Look Cosy

A Chinese lacquer coffee table is an easy way to warm up your living room interior.  Recent minimalist trends have seen living room spaces become very open, clean and, in my opinion, a little unlived in.  This area of your home needs to have some cosy elements and introducing a key piece of furniture is an affordable way to do it.  If you have a minimalist living room, it is likely that your walls will be white or neutral and your soft furnishings will be naturally toned in browns and beiges; and this creates the perfect blank canvas for a warm and delicate lacquered coffee table.

Chinese Lacquer Coffee Table – Making a Minimalist Living Room CosyChinese lacquer coffee tables are often  finished in black and will have subtle detailing, such as a distressed edge, hinged handles on drawers and even delicate cravings.  If you have a large living space, why not create a dramatic focal point with a ball leg coffee table? This type of Chinese furniture is a gorgeous choice as it will have a large, simple top with grand, ball legs and a low height so it allows the space to still feel very open.  For those with smaller living spaces, purchase an oriental coffee table with drawers so you can keep TV or DVD remote controls and magazines out of sight.

 Chinese Lacquer Coffee Table – Making a Minimalist Living Room CosyOnce you have purchased you Chinese lacquer coffee table, it’s time to get to work on your lighting. A minimalist living space can feel cold, and at night this room needs to feel relaxing and cosy so you can unwind on the sofa and let the stresses of the day slip away.  Look for lamps that emit soft, diffused ambient lighting.  Hand hammered lighting and shell lamps will work perfectly as they are just as gorgeous when they are not lit during the day.

Puji have a collection of black and white lacquered coffee tables along with carved wooden tables that will introduce warmth to any living room.  Their natural lighting collection also has lamps crafted in Bali from natural shells, nickel lamps with hand hammered holes and amazing floor lamps to help make your living space cosier in the evenings.

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