How to pick a colour scheme

Colour schemes around your home can  be defined by using colourful contemporary accessories.  The benefits of introducing contemporary accessories are that you can chop and change your colour theme as and when you feel.  There are many different ways you can choose a colour scheme, and to make it easier to help you choose the perfect one for your home,  Puji have put together 4 different up to date colour schemes for you.

Sparkly and Silver – Sometimes a room can be decorated in a classy manner but it still needs that additional sparkle to give it a lift.  Using silver contemporary accessories could be your solution and will certainly bring your home to life.  Using a variation of glass and silver always give a home a modern and sophisticated touch.

Bright and blue – when you add a splash of blue into your home it will give your room a fresh feeling.  By combining a variation of different blues it will make it easy for you to keep adding to your accessory collection, it also adds texture and vibrancy to your home.  This colour scheme would be ideal if a room in your home lacks natural light, as the blue tones will brighten up the room.  Just remember blue can be cold in the bedroom and is best kept to living spaces.

Pretty and pink – every home needs a room with a feminine touch and pink or fuchsia is a lovely colour for a living room.  A pink colour scheme has a classic, elegant look and it always remains fresh.  It  can easily be teamed up with different colours such as lime greens, or striking oranges, however, if you want to keep the look subtle then a warm biscuit colour would do the job.

Creams and champagnes- if your rooms are quite small, then an elegant option is to stick with neutral colours, throw in a little touch of champagne, and you will have achieved a glamorous look.  If you want to add a little glow, then rose gold would be the perfect colour to give your room the glitz it needs.

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