How to use Industrial Furniture and Still Keep the Room Feeling Cosy.

How to use Industrial Furniture and still keep the room feeling cosy.

Industrial furniture is trendy and contemporary, but this style of furniture can make a room feel quite cold, so it is important that you decorate and accessorise the room to make it feel more homely and cosy.

You may consider furnishing your dining room, office or loft bedroom with industrial furniture; each room would be furnished differently and the use of accessories will also differ.  To help you make your home feel cosier we have put together our tips for each room; hopefully you will have your industrial room feeling welcoming and comfy within no time.

An Industrial Dining Room

How to use Industrial Furniture and still keep the room feeling cosy. Industrial dining room furniture is perfect if you want a modern theme as industrial furniture tends to be a combination of wood and steel framing.  Puji sell two industrial dining tables from the ‘Urban Range’: one of them is rectangular and will seat up to eight people and the other is round and will sit up to four people, either one would make a stylish statement.

For you to make your dining room look cosier, you can have a colourful contemporary centrepiece. This will make your dining table look vibrant and warmer, even church candles would be an ideal choice as when lit they create an ambience in the room.

Lighting sets the mood and positioning your ceiling lights directly above the dining table is a great choice, this will make the room feel warmer and will also enhance your statement dining table.

An Industrial Office

How to use Industrial Furniture and still keep the room feeling cosy. Choosing to have an industrial urban office is a fantastic choice because your office will be functional and quirky.  It’s always important to inject your personality into the room and this way it prevents the room feeling stark and unwelcoming. By placing photos of your family on your desk, this will change the atmosphere straight away and it will give you a lift every time you see them.

An Industrial Loft Bedroom. 

How to use Industrial Furniture and still keep the room feeling cosy. There are many ways to give an industrial bedroom the feminine touch.  Adding different textures to the room will definitely make the bedroom feel cosier; throws, cushions and curtains will create the perfect environment for you to lie down and sink into your bed after a hectic day at work.


Up lighters and table lamps are a necessity because the last thing you need when winding down is a bright light shining in your eyes; lamps set a scene, which is vital in the bedroom.

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