Inspirational Interiors: Making a Home Luxurious with Solid Wood Furniture

A beautiful interior decorated with luxurious furniture and accessories serves to brighten your mood and the right choice of solid wood furniture will help you create a wonderfully comfortable retreat.

Luxury items may not be life’s essentials but they are things that many people aspire to own as they bring so much enjoyment and pleasure. A luxury interior, for instance, would be a stylish home decorated with gorgeous solid wood furniture that looks and feels expensive.

Your home is filled with memories. It is a place where you and your family thrive and grow, and how you choose to put it all together from the furniture, right down to the tiniest detail is a reflection of your individuality. Whatever your personality, a luxury home is one that is very desirable.

If this is the look you seek to achieve, everything in the home should be indulgent and pleasing to the eye: from exquisite items of handmade solid wood furniture right down to the soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws in silks, faux fur, velvets or other sumptuous fabrics.

This look is all in the detailing as it is about being surrounded by things that make you happy, such as gilt framed mirrors, oil paintings, an elaborate chandelier or perhaps something more unusual or highly sought after such as a striking sculpture or handmade Middle Eastern carpet.

You don’t have to choose something overtly expensive to achieve this look, but always go for the best you can afford. The old adage of ‘buy cheap buy twice’ very often applies, especially to furniture. If you choose low budget, flat pack, furniture, you may end up wanting to replace it in a few years time. However, this is not the case with high quality furnishings, especially handmade solid wood furniture, as it will often be kept in homes for generations.

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A Beautiful Home with Chinese Solid Wood Furniture

Chinese furniture oozes luxury and has a history that goes back centuries. In the past the wealthy favoured grand and intricate styles but over the years this has changed to include beautiful but simple designs.

Oriental solid wood furniture is made with great attention to detail from the construction right down to the finishing. It may be that a hand painted lacquered cabinet captures your eye or that you favour a more understated item of lacquered furniture with detailed brass handles that add an interesting, glamorous finish.

You may not choose to decorate your entire home top to bottom in this way. Just one room such as a library, study, or drawing room decorated with Chinese furniture can make a big impact. For a Chinese style room, the look should be minimalist and uncluttered, with the attention drawn to one or two appealing objects.

If you are decorating a whole room in a Chinese style, think about having one or two Chinese prints (or wording) hung on the wall, a few well chosen pieces of Chinese lacquered furniture (such as a Chinese chest or cabinet), a Chinese silk screen and an exquisite oriental rug. When it comes to accessorising this look, you don’t necessarily have to buy new as it is surprising what you can pick up in antique shops or flea markets.

Add Luxury with Wooden Carved Furniture

Hand carved solid wood furniture is another way to make a room look and feel luxurious; a home or interior inspired by someone’s travels is not only fascinating but each item of furniture very often tells a story.

Although you may not want the hassle of bringing a hand-made furniture piece back from your travels, you could find yourself searching for an item similar to one that caught your eye abroad.

If this is how you would like to decorate your interior, a wooden carved chest in a sitting room, for example, makes a stunning centrepiece and can even be used as a coffee table.  Again keep the look minimalist with only your favourite objects on display. Other items of furniture that suit this type of interior include stunning one-off pieces such as a teak root stool, which is not only a useful piece of furniture, but a work of art.

You can accessorise this room in a number of ways. Perhaps you have been inspired by a visit to Thailand or Tibet and want a statue of a Buddha to give your home a calm and relaxing feel. Or maybe an oriental carpet would provide the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Create Impact with Stunning Contemporary Furniture

If you want to create a striking contemporary interior, this is about keeping the look simple, while making an impact.  Choose your items selectively so they create an instant wow factor in your home.

Contemporary furniture and accessories have clean lines and strong geometric shapes and help create an interior that is warm, welcoming and inspiring. For a luxurious modern interior choose artistic, creative wooden furniture pieces such as a stunning bookshelf that looks like a work of art, or an elegantly crafted side table that looks fantastic viewed from any angle.

You can complete the look with contemporary works of art such as a print, luxurious soft furnishings (such as modern leather sofas), lighting that is sculptural in design, beautiful throws and a rug with a striking geometric pattern.

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