Key Ways on How to Accessorise Your Teak Furniture

If you are investing in gorgeous teak furniture and you want to make this your signature style in your home, you would want each item of furniture to be displayed to its best effect. Where you place it and how you accessorise it can really complete the whole look.

When you are furnishing your home, you want people to look at it, and know that your personality is all over it; and hand crafted Indonesian Teak furniture is a perfect choice for you to inject individuality into your space.

Choosing Indonesian furniture as your interior theme will bring you a step closer to manifesting the dream home that you have always wanted.  By introducing hand crafted accessories into your home you will keep the continuation of your design theme running through the house, creating a beautiful relaxed atmosphere.

By selecting handcrafted objects that you admire – such as mirrors, sculptures and wall art that have been made from natural materials – these are all the finishing touches that will introduce character, history and make your house a home.

At Puji, we have a wide selection of beautiful accessories that would perfectly complement your teak furniture; and here are some of the best ways to showcase these individual items.

Accessorising your teak furniture

The last stage of decorating is carefully selecting the accessories to really make that dramatic difference and really show of the rest of the interior.

Wall Art

Teak Furniture – Accessorising Solid Wood Furnishings

Handcrafted wall art looks fantastic when incorporated into modern homes alongside contemporary teak furniture.  Instead of choosing the standard common painting or print, be different and choose a handmade, state of the art, feature piece.

The “Jepara” Wall Art is a unique collage, hand crafted from reclaimed teak blocks.  This distinctive price of art would definitely make a feature statement in your home.  This item would look spectacular in either the living, or dining room, and instead of choosing feature wallpaper, this wall art  makes the perfect focal point.

The “Kepar” Wall Art is available in two fabulous colours, white and brown.  This interesting item has been hand woven from rattan to create a contemporary piece.  This wall art is so elegantly simple that you could group them in a set of four, or six, and they would create a great feature.  Both colours would beautifully complement light or dark teak furniture. The White “Kepar” wall Art creates a refreshing clean look, whereas the brown one will change the atmosphere, to produce  a warmer environment.

Teak Furniture – Accessorising Solid Wood Furnishings


Every house needs a feminine touch and Puji have a wonderful “Driftwood Wall Heart” which has been lovingly handmade in Indonesia from driftwood.  This piece would look lovely combined with the driftwood heart mirrors, which are slightly smaller. The combination of the two sizes  complement each other and clustering them both together looks lovely placed above a chest of drawers, or a sideboard. The Driftwood Wall Heart is a welcoming feature and looks stunning in any home.


When completing a home there are always those gloomy corners and naked furniture that needs sprucing up.  By adding these accessories, it can really show off the rest of the interior.

Teak Furniture – Accessorising Solid Wood FurnishingsIf you have a large teak sideboard that needs dressing up then a “Teak Wheel” is sure to complement and complete it.  The Teak Wheel has been hand made from a teak root and is truly unique. The front and the back have a rib-like effect and the shape has been left for you to admire, with all its natural cracks and holes. This item will bring character and history into your home.

For the empty corner that needs to be filled with something interesting, Puji has a “Decorative Floor Standing Leaf” which has been hand crafted from reclaimed teak and the attention to detail is superb.  This sculpture would stand tall and elegant and would look fantastic next to teak furniture, really completing the look.


Teak Furniture – Accessorising Solid Wood Furnishings

When it comes to interior design mirrors are a must! They create stunning focal points and look fabulous in every room, the hallway, living room and bedrooms.  Mirrors make light reflect and bounce, leaving the room feeling more spacious.

Puji offer a beautiful selection of stunning mirrors that work well with teak furniture. Whether you’re looking for something raw and natural, or shimmery and luxurious, we are positive you’ll find just what you’re searching for.

If you are searching for a statement mirror and you want to introduce some shimmer and shine into your home, then we have many mirrors that are hand crafted from mother of pearl. These are  a luxurious contrast amongst teak furniture, adding warmth and character.

Teak accessories create a relaxing atmosphere and Puji have a lovely selection of natural mirrors made from old timbers, tree branches and bamboo. One of the limited edition mirrors is The “Akar” round mirror, which is hand crafted from old timbers making each one truly unique. This intricate chunky mirror would make  a wonderful centrepiece for any room in your home.

Choosing a mirror to either stand, or hang vertically, can make the room appear wider; for example the Henry Dark Teak Mirror is stunning and would complement dark teak furniture. These mirrors are made from reclaimed teak and stained to a wonderful rich chocolate finish.

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