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A simple way to create a stylish and comfortable kitchen diner is with solid wood kitchen furniture. Beautifully hand-crafted teak kitchen chairs and tables make your kitchen diner cosy and inviting. In addition, teak wood furniture is extremely durable – perfect for kitchen tables and chairs that are used frequently.

Wooden kitchen furniture has been used worldwide for centuries and has never lost its appeal. Puji sell a wonderful range of modern contemporary solid wood kitchen furniture including dark and light wood kitchen tables and chairs, Indonesian teak tables, mahogany tables, extending tables, square, rectangular, round wooden tables, carved wood chairs, woven chairs and leather kitchen chairs.

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Here we will look at the benefits of a kitchen diner and why some people prefer it to a formal dining room. We shall also examine how to create the perfect look using solid wood kitchen chairs and tables.

Kitchen Diner or Formal Dining Room?
Kitchen Diners- Kitchen diners are becoming increasingly popular. Now even people building their own home are incorporating a kitchen diner into their new build instead of a separate kitchen and dining area.
A kitchen diner is the life and soul of the house; it is the place where friends and family congregate, children delve into the fridge, homework gets done, paperwork is completed and bills are paid. Kitchen tables and chairs should be easy to clean and hard-wearing because they are used regularly throughout the day.

There are many benefits to a kitchen diner. If you are entertaining, an open plan kitchen diner means you don’t have to keep going out of the room every five minutes to check on your food. If you have young children, a kitchen diner means you can keep an eye on them while you are cooking. And if you enjoy baking, you can use the kitchen table as an overflow space.

A kitchen diner is more modern and relaxed than a separate dining room and is very much the heart of your home.  Some people find they rarely use their separate dining room, which is often seen as wasted space.

Dining Rooms – That said many people prefer to opt for a separate dining room because a designated dining space is more organised. With a separate dining room you have the freedom to make the space as intimate, comfortable and as beautiful as you like without distractions such as washing up, paperwork or magnets and school timetables stuck to the fridge.

If you are entertaining, a separate dining room means you can also close the door on the pots and pans so your focus is entirely on your guests.

How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Diner
Kitchen diners should not be as formal as dining rooms because it sees frequent traffic and kitchen furniture is in constant use. That is why teak kitchen tables and chairs are such a good choice for this room because they are so hard-wearing and are solid enough to withstand daily use.

We have a wide choice of teak wooden kitchen chairs and tables in contemporary and traditional designs. With a multitude of different shapes, styles and finishes, you will always find something to suit your taste.

A kitchen island is a popular divider and can also be also used to provide an extra work surface, a washing up area, or it can be used as a breakfast bar. If you do have a breakfast bar, the Henry Natural Jersey Chair is a great option as its design is half-way between a stool and a chair to provide extra comfort. Alternatively, a solid wood kitchen table is a firm favourite and you can hang track lighting or pendant lighting above it to add a contemporary feel.

The perfect kitchen diner needs lots of natural light so use pale or neutral blinds, particularly if it is a dark room, in order to let lots of daylight in. If you have a house rather than a flat, make sure your kitchen diner has a good view to outdoors. It should ideally overlook the back garden or a pretty front garden so you have a pleasant and relaxing view while you dine.

Whatever style of kitchen furniture you choose, make sure it can be wiped clean, especially if you have young children. It is best to steer clear of rugs or carpets in your kitchen diner as these quickly get ingrained with dirt and food.

Often a kitchen diner is more restricted on space than a separate dining room. But if you do have enough room, use furniture for storage so you can tidy things away and stop the area getting cluttered. Storage furniture such as a wooden sideboard is ideal to put crockery, napkins, place mats and table cloths in. It can also act as a focal point in its own right and you can use it as a serving area for nibbles.

Kitchen Diner Furniture
Here are five tips on decorating your kitchen diner to provide a relaxed atmosphere you will feel at home in.

Neutral Colours – Using neutral colours for the floors, walls and kitchen furniture is a good option as this will fit in with almost any kitchen style. Brighten up the look with vivid accessories. Puji have a good range of solid wood kitchen furniture which will fit in with a neutral colour scheme including light and dark wooden kitchen tables and chairs.

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Durability – Hard-wearing furniture is practical for an area of such high traffic use as it will last a long time. Teak kitchen tables are less prone to knocks and scratches and any marks can be easily put right with a light application of oil or wax. Deeper marks add to the character of the table.

Choose Your Look – If you are choosing solid wood kitchen furniture, there are many different options available. Choose from solid wood chairs (which work in all kitchens) or leather upholstered chairs (which are a bit more formal) or woven kitchen chairs – which are much more contemporary and casual. Kitchen tables vary in size and shape from rectangular, square round and extendable. However you arrange the room, do make sure there is plenty of space for people to be able to pull their chairs out, without hitting walls or cupboards.

Light and Airy- Kitchens should make use of a lot of natural light. If you want a bright and airy kitchen you can choose light coloured furniture teamed with light coloured chairs. Make sure the look matches the kitchen cabinets. Puji’s Mino Dining Table is a great look for this type of contemporary kitchen.

Accessories – Table runners such as Puji’s Cocostick Table Runner is a good contemporary alternative to the traditional table cloth. Make sure you also protect your table top with table mats such as Puji’s Cocostick Placemats to keep your surface looking as good as new. Bright coloured crockery and attractive glassware (such as Puji’s Wine Glasses Set – Black ) look fabulous if you are hosting a dinner party in your kitchen diner and want to add impact.
Storage- Don’t forget to include storage furniture so you can hide away clutter and make the room look neat and tidy.  The Indah Dark Freestanding Wine Rack is a great choice if you love entertaining but space is limited.
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Extra Seating- If you have the room you can create a corner with extra seating for looking at recipes, planning menus, relaxing and reading. You will find that families and friends will make a beeline for it. The distinctive looking Ruwet Rattan Chair is ideal for this.


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