Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting

In the living room, lighting is key; depending on the occasion, it can totally give this room a new look and set the mood.

When choosing living room lighting you want it to emphasise and complement your current decor.

During the day your living room should make you feel relaxed, yet alive, and in the evening it should be a tranquil room where you can put your feet up and dose off on the sofa. I know you may be thinking how to achieve both looks in one room – it’s simple. Lighting is so versatile; it can really change the atmosphere.

There are many lighting options you can choose from to keep your living room looking stylish and current.

Ceiling lights. 

Your main centre light usually hangs directly above the coffee table and makes a statement because this area of the room is the focal point.  You could either go for a traditional colourful chandelier or a modern contemporary pendant. A great tip is to have a dimmer installed, this way you are in control if you want the room bright and beautiful or cosy and calm.

Table Lamps

Living Room Lighting Table lamps are fantastic because they can really set the tempo and make the room feel more welcoming.  If your living room is tight for space then placing a lamp in front of a mirror can make the room feel larger, and when the light reflects off of the mirror it can create a beautiful ambience.  Sideboards always need to be spruced up in a classy way, and if you have a space, two lamps sitting symmetrically or a couple of lamps clustered in one corner could really set off your living room.

Floor Standing Lamps

Living Room LightingA floor standing lamp is not just a useful light, with a flick of a switch you can transform a gloomy corner.  The great advantage of floor standing lamps is that they can simply stand alone and look elegant, creating a welcoming atmosphere.


Have a browse of Puji’s living room lighting range – we are confident you will find the ideal lamps to transform this space.

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