Love lighting? Gifts that will brighten up your home.

If you’re looking for wonderful variety of high quality classic and contemporary home lighting, you may find just what you have been searching for at Puji.  Here at Puji we are always searching for new products to add to our collection. We provide products which are fresh, current and have a timeless look, so that when interior trends change you will not have to alter your home.

Love lighting? Gifts that will brighten up your home.   A new lamp can create an impressive statement in your home; it also will brighten up that dull area and lift the feeling in the room. Puji have recently added new stunning shell lamps to their collection, and these striking lamps would naturally blend in with any style of decor. Our shell lamps provide an ambient glow which gives a home  that instant warm and welcoming feeling  to make want to relax and unwind the minute you walk  in through the door.  This new addition to our contemporary home lighting range would be a unique feature in your home, which you could place on your side table, console or sideboard; they are impressive pieces that you could never get bored of seeing and switching on to create that romantic atmosphere.

Love lighting? Gifts that will brighten up your home.   The Rose Shell Lamps have been handcrafted in Bali and are available in 2 styles: a round ball and an elegant oval shape. Each individual sea shell has been intricately affixed together to create a stunning rose flower effect. These gorgeous lamps offer an ambient soft diffused light when lit, creating a blissful atmosphere.  They can be displayed in various ways, either standing alone on a piece of furniture or you can cluster the oval and round shell lamp together to create a striking statement as they complement each other perfectly.

Treat yourself with a new gift, a gift that will change how your home feels.

Follow the link to view our new contemporary lighting.

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