Made to Measure Wardrobes

If you have a specific free-standing wardrobe in mind, and can’t find what you are looking for, Puji offer a made-to-measure service. From full hanging wardrobes, to wardrobes with drawers or shelving and gent’s wardrobes, we create high quality furniture pieces built to specific dimensions.  Our made to measure design service is perfect for customers who want a free standing solid wood wardrobe created to exact requirements. We specialise in bespoke design to create truly unique furniture pieces.

We use new and reclaimed teak for our bespoke furniture design service to create outstanding furniture pieces. Reclaimed teak has a natural beauty and looks fantastic when combined with contemporary furniture designs. Its subtle texture variations and interesting character marks in the wood, such as tiny cracks and small nail holes, leaves you wondering about its hidden history. Teak is one of the hardest woods there is, so a custom made teak furniture piece can be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on to the next generation to admire. It looks wonderful left natural or stained to a mid or dark colour.

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Why choose a made-to-measure wardrobe

Our made-to-measure design service is perfect for customers who have an unusual shaped bedroom or alcove, or need a free standing wardrobe with additional storage space to suit your needs.

Here at Puji we have a stunning selection of solid wood wardrobes built to match our range of beds and other bedroom furniture. Our custom made service means you can choose one of these designs and have it made specifically to fit the space available in your home. This is ideal if you want a larger free-standing wardrobe to maximise on bedroom space, or prefer a smaller one built to fit a tricky alcove.

Our wardrobes can also be tailor made to suit your exact storage requirements. For example you may want a free-standing wardrobe with larger full hanging space for coats or long dresses, or you may prefer to have additional drawers or shelving fitted for blankets, bulky items, jumpers or T-shirt. Whatever your requirements our custom made wardrobes are built to the highest standards to produce beautifully crafted furniture pieces that look stunning and create a wonderful focal point.

About Puji’s made to measure service

If you require a specific furniture piece, our made-to-measure service can bring your interior to life. Whether you need a custom made unit to fill an awkward-shaped alcove, or a contemporary piece to end your storage problems, our bespoke design service offers the perfect solution.

Puji are specialists in bespoke teak furniture and our tailor made free standing wardrobes are designed and built with great attention to detail. Here at Puji we are dedicated to creating stylish storage solutions which will far exceed your greatest expectations. We also follow well-established and tested methods to guarantee the quality of our products.

Our design team with first discuss your requirements, then evaluate the information given, before designing your made-to-measure furniture with the use of CAD and other software packages. We supply drawings and a detailed quotation then bring your beautifully crafted bespoke furniture piece to life.

We use both new and reclaimed teak which has been carefully selected from our specialist suppliers to complement the design. Great care is taken during the whole construction process to ensure each piece of timber is used to reveal the natural beauty and characteristic of the wood.

A made to measure free standing wardrobe created by Puji is a truly unique and individual furniture piece that is a pleasure to own. All products combine innovative design with high quality construction to create an outstanding and durable furniture piece which adds the “wow” factor to your home. Call us on 0208 8863000 or email to discuss your ideas and we will provide a free estimate on how much it will cost.

Organising your wardrobe space

Once you have chosen our ideal wardrobe here are some tips for organising it in an easy-to-use and convenient way. An organised wardrobe is time efficient so you can quickly find those party shoes and be dressed and out the door in minutes!

The first step is to edit your wardrobe. Get rid of anything you no longer wear or doesn’t fit you. And if you don’t feel comfortable wearing an outfit outside the home – either throw it out or donate it to a friend, charity shop or jumble sale. If you are having difficulties de-cluttering ask yourself the following questions: Do I love this?  When did I last wear it? Will I ever wear it again? Do I want to update it or wear a newer version? Take anything that needs to be mended and altered to the tailors and take shoes to be re-heeled or re-soled if needed.

Next organise your wardrobe and in the best way possible so it not only looks tidy, but you can have everything to hand within seconds. Group like for like clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses and tops. Then hang them by colour, season, or categories such as work, casual and going out clothes. Use the same colour or type of hangers for a consistent appearance. If space is limited, use multi-hangers so you can place several items on one hanger.

It is advisable to store knitwear and T-shirts neatly folded in drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe or on shelving. If you have a lot of jumpers, canvas shelving that hang off the rail is a great space saver.

Organise handbags into categories such as oversized, day, evening and so on. Store them in dust bags or plastic storage boxes at the top or base of the wardrobe or under the bed. If space is limited hang a handbag organiser on the back of a bedroom door or over the rail in your wardrobe. You can store eight bags or more this which is one for every day of the week and an extra one for nights out.

Line and boots shoes up in colour and organise them by seasons or heel type, if you have lots of them. They can be stored in clear plastic boxes in the space underneath the hanging rail, on a shoe rack, or alternatively in a pocket shoe holder hung over the inside of the wardrobe door.

Belts and jewellery can be hung on hooks on the inside of the cupboard door. For smaller items, the sectional boxes which you can buy in DIY stores to organise screws and nails make perfect jewellery organisers. They stack too and the clear plastic means you can find everything at a glance.

Finally for a top tip, plan your outfits for special events in advance such as weddings, barbecues, job interviews, conferences and nights out.

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