Make Your Garden Glow with Stylish Contemporary Outdoor Seating

When the sun starts shining we find ourselves immediately drawn to outdoor spaces.  Your garden, terrace or patio area can be a beautiful, glorious and stylish extension to your home; however, finding contemporary and unique pieces is not always an easy task.

Light Natural Teak Furniture – Wooden Benches – Outdoor SeatingWhy not consider natural light teak furniture? We know it’s perfect for indoors but its durable and hardwearing finish makes it a fantastic choice for the garden.  Puji’s outdoor teak furniture is crafted from reclaimed wood so each piece is filled with warmth and hundreds of years of character.  Ranging from lounge chairs, day beds to bench seating, this old wood has been crafted into modern, stylish and eye catching pieces.

Light Natural Teak Furniture – Wooden Benches – Outdoor SeatingThese modern garden benches and day beds look even more stunning when they have additional bright, summer cushions thrown on top.  Not only does this make them look more comfortable and inviting but it injects colour into your outdoor space. Floral and patterned cushions are a perfect choice, and when you’re not using them in the garden why not take them into your living room or conservatory?

Whatever your desired garden theme, light natural teak furniture will make a beautiful addition and help bring your garden to life.  It is also durable enough to stay outdoors in those colder winter months.  Below is our brief guide to some of this year’s key garden themes.

The Traditional Garden –You immediately find yourself thinking of the county cottage garden filled with roses and country blooms.  These gardens are ideal for bench seating and creating relaxing and intimate corners.  You could snuggle up on a bench, with a beautiful throw in the afternoon, curl up with a book, or even just enjoy a cup of tea.

Light Natural Teak Furniture – Wooden Benches – Outdoor SeatingThe Tranquil Zen Garden – The oriental themed garden conjures up images of Buddha heads and relaxing closed off areas, perfect for meditating or to just sit and reflect on the day.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Koi Carp pond then why not introduce single Chinese styled stools that will allow you to sit close by and enjoy nature at its best?

Light Natural Teak Furniture – Wooden Benches – Outdoor Seating The Contemporary Courtyard Garden –Paved patio areas, roof gardens and modern courtyards can look stylish with the introduction of modern sculptures and contemporary teak patio furniture.  Chairs and stools can be moved around easily and the addition of a patio heater will allow you to enjoy those summer evenings, perfect for BBQ parties and entertaining.


Light Natural Teak Furniture – Wooden Benches – Outdoor SeatingThe Ethnically Inspired Garden –Eclectic, bohemian gardens can be lots of fun and are beautifully vibrant.  Clashes of colour and lots of cushions and seating around the garden will give this styled garden a wonderful and inviting feel.  You could even hang a bright hammock to create a wonderful area to lie back and relax; hang some lanterns from a nearby tree and you’ll have your own Moroccan retreat.

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