Make Your Home a Teak Home

Make Your Home a Teak Home With Beautiful Solid Teak Furniture

Love solid wood furniture? Want to buy something that will last a lifetime and get better with age? Then the purchase of good quality solid teak furniture could be the best choice.

Teak Furniture | Solid Wood Furniture

Teak wood has been used since the ancient times and is highly regarded within building infrastructures. Teak furniture is extremely durable and this type of wood contains natural oils that enable it to withstand years of use.

People who love and appreciate solid hard wood furniture will find teak a perfect choice.  Teak furniture is available in almost any style and in a wide range of finishes to suit any interior. Teak is a beautiful, exotic hard wood, with rich grain patterns, intriguing character marks and deep colours. This makes it the wood of choice for many designers, architects, manufacturers and builders and it produces solid wood furniture that is easy to maintain and very hardwearing.

When furnishing your home you’ll need to decide on your colour theme. Most people prefer either light or dark wood furniture depending on the style and interior of their home.  Lighter wood furniture can help open up a smaller space.  Teak furniture can be light or dark, depending on whether it is stained or not. In its natural state, there is a beautiful rawness to the wood with rich earthy green, red and copper tones that run through the grain. The result is that no two pieces are the same.

Dark wood furniture has become extremely popular and trendy in recent years.  Dark, warm tones can enhance a space and add a warmth and presence that can be both cosy and inspiring.  There is an elegance that only dark wood can capture, and a solid robustness that translates itself in rich, welcoming tones.  Dark wood furniture works well in any home design whether it is period, classical, modern or contemporary and can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of accessories.

Teak Furniture | Solid Wood Furniture

For modern, contemporary homes contrasting light and dark furniture can create a stunning look, using the natural colour tones to highlight darker wood shades.

Solid teak furniture will complement all types of homes and teak will create a sense of luxury.  Here at Puji we offer solid wood furniture for every room in you home.

Teak Furniture – Click here to see how you can transform your home into a teak home!

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