Make Your Home More Comfortable

A comfortable home will help you to recharge after a long hard day at work.  Whether you like to collapse into a bed filled with beautiful, soft pillows or long for a soak in a hot bath followed by curling up on you soft comfy upholstered sofa, we all crave a comfortable home. Here are some ideas to help you add comfort and indulgence to your personal space, written by Puji’s top interior designers.

In the bedroom

Indulge yourself with a new visco elastic memory foam mattress for a wonderful nights sleep.  Visco elastic reacts to your body’s temperature and moulds itself to your shape.  This means that your weight is much more evenly distributed, which in turn relieves pressure. A memory mattress provides excellent comfort and support.

Treat yourself to some new bedding – after all you spend a 1/3 of your life in bed!! Once you’ve spent a night sleeping on beautiful soft sheets you’ll never want to go back to basics.  Luxurious bedding in silk, linen, wool and other natural fibres are chosen most often by interior designers.  The look and feel of these fabrics is superior to that of synthetic fibres.

Luxurious Home Furniture & Accessories - Mattresses, Organic Bedding, Organic Towels, Contemporary Rugs and Lighting

In the bathroom

Add luxury to your bathroom and increase the ‘wow’ factor by installing a well-designed modern bathroom.  New spa baths, walk-in showers and double sinks are all popular choices for 2013.  Not only will these impress friends and family but also they will help create a space that you can enjoy and unwind in.

Luxurious Home Furniture & Accessories - Mattresses, Organic Bedding, Organic Towels, Contemporary Rugs and LightingFrom statement baths to stylish basins and the most thoroughly modern tiles, there’s a host of ways you can give your bathroom a new lease of life.  Whether you are completely redesigning or just updating there are key ideas worth considering.

Wood in the bathroom is a huge trend for 2013, so a timber feature wall is an imaginative alternative to tiles and paint.

Invest in quality brassware when redecorating your bathroom so that it stands the test of time and transforms a less expensive basin or bath. The positioning of your taps on the bath can make a real statement. Why not set them to one side rather than the centre to give your bathroom a modern contemporary feel?

The classic freestanding bath takes centre stage for 2013 and is currently available in a wide range of colours.  Use beautiful wall hung sanitary ware to maximize your floor space and make your bathroom feel bigger.


 Luxurious Home Furniture & Accessories - Mattresses, Organic Bedding, Organic Towels, Contemporary Rugs and LightingWhen it comes to decorating your home, choosing the right lighting and decorative table lamps can be the most important decisions you make. With the right lighting, you can do amazing things with your indoor spaces. You can transform a dark and dreary room into a colourful, warm and inviting haven. Or make a large, sterile space seem intimate and cosy all with the flick of a switch. We have a comprehensive range of contemporary home lighting including table lamps, desk lamps and floor standing lamps available – just browse through our lighting selection.

Introduce a chandelier into your home; they are a great way to introduce interest into a space. Chandeliers used to be associated with the dining room and foyers of large elegant homes and deemed exclusively for the rich.  Large chandeliers made of cut crystal or glass were a mark of wealth and status.  Modern designers are now using chandeliers of all shapes and sizes for almost any type of home.  Lighting from chandeliers is very versatile and can enhance any living space.  Adequate lighting can soften a space and create a warm mood.  Having proper lighting in your home not only makes a room seem warmer and more welcoming, lighting also acts as a decorative touch that can create an upscale-pulled together look.


Luxurious Home Furniture & Accessories - Mattresses, Organic Bedding, Organic Towels, Contemporary Rugs and LightingReplacing wall-to-wall carpet or flooring can be expensive so why not add a beautiful textured rug. Contemporary rugs provide the finishing touches to your home or office.  They add colour, patterns and textures and help to define the mood of the room. Rugs help to soften hard lines and add warmth and comfort to your home. They are ideal for taking the chill off solid wood or tiled floors, particularly in the bedroom or living room.

The addition of carefully placed rugs can also help minimise or hide imperfections in flooring, such as stains, chips or holes. They will reduce the wear on the floor, which is useful in heavy traffic areas. Also in a home with mostly wooden floors, a good selection of rugs will reduce the appearance of dust, and absorb and reduce noise.

Wool rugs are wonderfully soft and provide comfort and elegance in the room they are used. Wool comes from sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas, and is an incredibly resilient material. It dyes well and is naturally fire and dust mite resistant. Wool rugs are the most popular choice, and give their owners bags of style as well as good value for money.

Puji sell a gorgeous range of contemporary rugs, including shag rugs, oriental rugs, wool rugs and silk rugs to add warmth, intimacy and character to your home.

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