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Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home Accessories

Decorative mirrors are not just designed so you can give yourself a once over before you leave the house, they are mini works of art that look striking when hung on any wall.  Here, at Puji, our designers have worked hard to bring you a collection of decorative mirrors that are handmade and unique in design.  Each one is visually stunning and showcases the beauty of manufacturing using natural materials such as wood, bamboo, shell and water hyacinth.

Purchasing a handmade mirror means that no two are the same and each one is truly individual.  The craftsmanship that goes into the production of each mirror also allows an attention to detail which mass produced items just can’t compete with.  When you buy a Puji mirror you know you’re getting a product that has been made to last for years.  Our hand distressed, hand painted and hand woven mirrors are crafted in Indonesia by artisans who want to preserve the environment and keep local traditions and techniques alive, and many of these techniques have been passed down over generations. Buying a handmade decorative mirror is a beautiful, unique way to bring life and culture into your home interior.

Our latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 has stunning and dramatic mirrors that will create beautiful features in any room.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesIf you are searching for a mirror to bring your bathroom to life and reflect light then look no further than our round nautical jute mirror.  This mirror is framed with natural circles of jute that has been hand twisted with water hyacinth.  The end result is an interesting mirror with beautiful natural tones which hangs from a natural rope. This simple, handmade mirror really is a perfect addition to the bathroom area, bedroom or relaxed hallway.


Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesIf you want to add drama to your living space or dining room we have added 4 new designs to our reclaimed teak mirror collection.  Each one is a dazzling work of art with the added benefit of being very eco friendly and made entirely from recycled materials.  The brand new Sola mirror is a guaranteed show stopper, crafted from pieces of recycled teak wood in an intricate, layered design.  This round mirror will create a gorgeous centrepiece in any room.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesNew in from Bali is our beautiful shell mirror which has been crafted by Balinese artisans and each white seashell has been intricately put together to create a striking flower effect.  This mirror would look lovely in a bathroom, girl’s bedroom or even in your guest bedroom. Your guests are sure to want to get up-close and ponder over just how much time it may have taken to make this mirror.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesWhite washed, distressed mirrors are a popular choice and Puji have designs that showcase the beauty of carved wood and hand painted finishing.  Our Lana, Diah and Adrianna designs are elegant in proportions and have been delicately carved and hand finished in antique white.  These eye-catching mirrors will look great hung anywhere in the home.


Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesRattan has also been introduced into this year’s collection.  Rattan is a fast growing and renewable resource that Puji are working hard to build into designs.  It requires no pesticides or fertilizers and in forests where it grows the economic value can help protect forest land.  Our 2 rattan mirrors are big and bold and will help a space feel light and airy. These quirky, trendy and unique mirrors are ideal for the hallway and dining room where you want to reflect light and create a welcoming feel.

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