Making the Most of Your Hallway and Landing with Teak Furniture

When it comes to redecorating or furnishing your home, the landing and hallway is one of the most neglected areas. Yet it doesn’t have to be as, with beautiful teak furniture, you can completely transform the hallway into a fully functional space ­- and we’ll show you how below.

Hallways and landings are not just used to get from one room to another; they can also double up as a handy living space. If your hallway or landing is big enough, it could serve as an office and even a library area where you can curl up on a comfy chair with a good book. Some can even accommodate a guest bed!

The hallway is the first thing you and your guests see when they walk in through the door and, as it acts as a showcase to the rest of the home, it is important to make this space attractive, as well as useable. One way to do this is to decorate it with high quality teak furniture.

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Ways to Transform Your Hallway or Landing

Whether you have a small hallway or a large landing, here are our top tips on how to use teak furniture to create an inspiring living space.

Maximising a Small Hallway

Even the narrowest of hallways can provide extra storage. A small hallway will nearly always have enough room for a few coat hooks and a well-placed wall mirror will make this space appear even larger.

If you have a slightly wider hallway, a teak shoe cupboard is a great buy and will give you more storage. Some shoe cupboards can store up to 16 pairs of shoes, so there’s no excuse not to tidy shoes away. As shoe racks are very narrow, they are perfect for small hallways as they take up minimal space in the corridor. Some also benefit from a top drawer, which can be used to store keys, sunglasses, loose change, or business cards. Use the top surface of the shoe rack to put your handbag on or to place a more permanent display such as an attractive vase of flowers.

One of the great things about teak furniture is that it can be finished in a colour of your choice. So, if you have a dark hallway, light coloured furniture is the best option as this will open up this space.

Creating a Functional Space with Teak Furniture

If you want to transform your hallway into an area of relaxation, a teak bench is a wonderful addition to the home. You can either have the teak bench as it is, to show the beauty of the wood, or cover the bench with cushions. A seated area is ideal for the hallway and you can use it while waiting for another family member to get ready and go!

A less conventional use for a hallway bench is to store shoes or wellie boots on top or underneath – or both! Be sure to leave at least some space to sit while you put your shoes on, or take them off.

How to Decorate a Hallway with Teak Furniture

The hallway is the first thing guests will see when they enter – and leave – your home, so decorating it with teak furniture is one way to make this area more welcoming.

A gorgeous teak console table at the end of the hallway, or by the doorway, looks elegant in this space. If you feel your hallway is too dark, place plants or a vase of flowers on top with a mirror behind to make this area appear brighter.

Clever use of lighting is another way to make this area more inviting. One way to style the hallway is to have two matching side lamps on a console table and leave them on as you open the door to guests, as this will make your interior appear instantly homely.

Maximising Your Storage with Teak Furniture

Hallways are often used for storage, so if you want to tidy things away (such as cycle helmets, torches, keys, etc) there are teak cupboards in all shapes and sizes to suit your hallway space. Some have a combination of shelves and drawers and pull out drawers make ideal storage for paperwork, cards, pens and other miscellaneous items.

Another suitable furniture item for a hallway, or landing, is a solid wood chest. From elaborate wooden carved chests to minimalist designs, there are some fantastic solid wood hallway chests. They can be used to store your youngsters’ toys, or to put towels and blankets away.

Making an Office Space in the Landing or Hallway

It is possible to create an office in the hallway or landing, if the area is big enough. If you are short on rooms, a desk is a great thing to have in the hallway and is ideal if you don’t have much space but need to work from home.

Choose a slim line teak desk in a simple, linear design to fill a small space or, if you have a large landing or hallway, you can opt for bigger desk with drawers and shelving under. Match this with a comfy teak wood or leather upholstered chair.

Making a Library Area for the Hallway or on the Landing

To create a library in your hallway or on your landing, a solid teak wooden bookshelf in a traditional design will provide a more conventional look. Or, if dramatic furniture is more reflective of your individual style, you may prefer an elaborate teak bookcase with an intricate fretwork frame.

For the perfect library space, use comfortable seating such as a rattan chair, egg chair or love seat. This adds the finishing touch and provides another area to relax and unwind in at the end of a busy day. Puji sells a wide range of teak furniture for all parts of the home, including the hallway and landing.

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