Making your home cosy with lighting – Four Interior design Tricks

Making your home cosy with lighting

Contemporary home accessories are so important when it comes to completing an interior.  They are the little finishing touches that create the largest impact, and lighting can be used in many ways around the home to manipulate and change the way a room feels and looks.

Double up your light by placing lamps in front of mirrors – sometimes there just aren’t enough tables, sideboards or consoles in one room to display different lamps, which can  leave your room looking dark and uninteresting.  A great tip is to place  lamps in front of a mirror as this will instantly transform the way a room looks.  By doing this, the lamps’ ambient light will reflect off the mirror, producing more of a relaxed atmosphere.

Making your home cosy with lighting Use floor standing lamps to make your room feel larger – If you have a room which feels small, then floor standing lamps are fantastic; lighting up the empty corners of a room will automatically make your room feel larger because the light is facing upwards, so it immediately opens the room.


Hang pendant lamps lower to make your room appear taller – pendant lights are a standard accessory to have in the room, and displaying them in different ways alters the look of a room.  If you have low ceilings in your home, an excellent tip is for you to hang your pendant lamps lower than usual; it also helps create more of a stress-free zone.

Cluster your lamps to create a cosy look –lighting is the focal point in all rooms and table lamps, chandeliers and up-lighters create a big impact. Clustering lamps and lights together would make your room feel more cosy and warm. It is also a current top trend which you can find in hotels, and luxury restaurants – so why not introduce this designer look in to your home?

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