May Bank Holiday – Take advantage of all those DIY discounts!


When a Bank Holiday comes along it’s a great opportunity to clear out the house, make full use of those DIY discounts that are available and finish off your do-list that has been lying around for months.

We all know how rare and important a long weekend can be at home. If you feel your walls have been looking a bit lifeless recently, now you have some time on your hands you could look for a lovely new colour pallet, and give your interior a fresh coat of paint, bringing life back into your home.  Painting is an easy task that the whole family could do together. You just need a few extra paint bushes to get the job done and the main advantage is that you get to spend quality time with one another.

All households have unfinished business. What about those shelves that need putting up? Now you have no excuses, get down to your local home depot and buy what you need to put those shelves up and get organised.  Once they are secured on the wall you will be able to organise your paperwork, old magazines and books and this will leave your home feeling lighter because it means less clutter!

Every accessory needs a home and if you have mirrors that haven’t been hung yet, there is no time like the present. Once you have your mirrors hanging, your home will automatically feel like it has had a complete makeover; it’s the little changes that make a big difference.

Once you have all the major DIY priories out the way, now check all the little things that always get put off. For instance, make sure all your lights are working and the fuses and light bulbs are changed.  Lighting sets the mood and this will be the finishing task for your Bank Holiday revamp!


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