Minimalist Design – Less is More

Contemporary modern styling combines sleek sophisticated designs with bold structural elements. There is a freshness and elegance that comes with clean simple lines and the minimal look is becoming more and more popular.

Minimalist Design – Less is More

Simple and unadorned designs have been fashionable within the furniture industry for a long time, and the return to minimalism has been a key trend for designers and producers who focus on creating innovative products that are stylish yet affordable.

A small apartment will easily settle into the spirit of minimalism. Designers claim that this style is usually preferred by creative people and deep thinkers who like a self-sufficient lifestyle.

The “Minimalism home” is free from florals, ruffles, fringes, knick knacks and general clutter. In this simplified environment it is easier to relax without unnecessary stuff, patterns and busyness causing a distraction. If you want freedom and a more spacious, calm interior than minimalism is the way forward.

It is also cool, chic, artsy and sassy. In fact it is now decades after this minimal look first appeared and it continues to be a firm favourite. Minimal furniture can open a space and create a look that is high impact and dramatic. The furniture will stand out and any architectural details and features will get noticed. An uncluttered space suggests abundance and affluence. A minimal home allows the beauty of your furniture and carefully selected decorative accessories to shine.

Minimalist Design – Less is More


Many people worry that if they create a minimal look in their home then they will have to sacrifice the cosy and comfortable elements. This is not true; the key is to choose furniture and accessories that are functional, beautiful and comfortable. In the minimalist home everything needs to be multifunctional. A display bookcase will offer storage for those much-loved books as well as providing the perfect home for your favourite stylish accessories. A coffee table needs to function not just as a place to prop your feet or set your mug down, but as a storage unit for book as and magazines. Look for coffee tables with a shelf or drawers. Chairs should be light and mobile enough to function as seating for long conversations.

Even though clutter must be avoided a home still needs to be dressed. Small, carefully selected decorative touches such as a single painting, mirror, wall art, or an interesting lamp can make a special impact in a minimalist space.

Introduce a colourful beautiful rug in your living room or a selection of textured cushions. A few measured decorative touches like throws and houseplants will give your décor a fresh feeling.

For a minimalist home look for furniture with straight lines, squared off arms and refined table legs. Keeping furniture designs simple will allow for things like art or rugs to be played up and provide a focal point.

Getting started

Before you can visualise your home effectively you need to get rid of all the distracting elements and clutter and only keep those treasured and useful items.

Plan how you want your home and each room to look. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and living area should ideally all flow in design but at the same time have distinct personalities and themes.

Comfort should not be sacrificed for beauty and style. Try to maintain and achieve a balance between the two.

Sleek and minimal are the key ingredients for a contemporary styled home but pieces can still be dramatic and exciting. Look for wall art, rugs and key pieces to make a statement.

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