Oriental Beds

With their simple and graceful designs, oriental beds evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity. The bedroom should always be about the bed and oriental inspired furniture provides a wonderful eye-catching focal point. Keep clutter and clothing neatly stored away to create an environment which is calm and sensual. Puji’s beautiful range of oriental beds are built to inspire and include black lacquered, teak and platform beds for the ideal bedroom retreat.

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Black Lacquered Beds

Black lacquered furniture has a timeless appeal which has been admired for generations. A black lacquered bed looks exotic and luxurious and the quality and durability of oriental style furniture means your bed is set to last a lifetime.

Lacquering has been perfected and refined over centuries and its popularity has continued. Multi-layers of thin black lacquer are applied evenly on top of a base coat in a meticulous and complicated process. The result is an outstanding piece of high quality furniture with a gleaming finish which will provide a lifetime of use as it is very resistant to damage by water, acid, alkali and abrasion.

Oriental style beds have risen in popularity in recent decades because of their simplistic designs and eye-catching elegance. Puji’s Oriental Shanxi bed is striking with clean, sleek lines and stressed edging detail. For that perfect Far Eastern inspired haven, complete the look with Puji’s Shanxi bedroom collection which includes bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes and mirrors.

Black lacquered furniture looks beautiful in the bedroom and will generate a feeling of calm and rest. With black lacquered furniture you can create your very own peaceful retreat. Plain furniture in exotic dark wood tones or black, gives rooms a chic and luxurious feel and its high quality craftsmanship and durability just adds to its appeal.

Keep oriental inspired bedrooms clutter free to inspire a good night’s rest. Clothing should be hidden away in drawers, chests and wardrobes to keep the environment low key and sensual. Keep your background neutral for a chic and sophisticated look and dress your bed with cushions and throws in vibrant colours and luxurious fabrics such as satins and silks. Linens with a high threat count are well worth the investment and will make your bed especially comforting when you slip into it after a long day.

Contrast dark furniture against a neutral background with bold artwork and accessories such as vases in bright colours. Enhance the sensuality of your bedroom with soft lighting and scented candles to inspire the senses and create a warm glow.

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Platform Beds

Oriental style beds are so popular because its sleek and stylish designs help generate a space of peace and calm. They can include black lacquered beds, day beds, four poster or canopy beds, platform beds and beds made from hardwoods such as teak.

Platform beds have a minimal design which is so popular in an oriental themed room. Elegant with simple, clean lines, they are a bed of choice among those who want to give their bedroom a Zen-like feel. They have wide appeal in an oriental bedroom because their simplistic designs help promote an environment of rest and relaxation. Styles vary from traditional beds, contemporary and platform beds with extra storage space, such as with drawers under the frame, which are a good choice if space is at a premium.

Defined as beds comprising of a platform on which a mattress rests, platform beds have similar characteristics to Japanese beds. They are simplistic and lower to the ground than traditional beds and have the benefit of making the room appear larger. They often come with a firmer a mattress which can promote a more comfortable night’s rest.

Puji’s platform beds include the solid reclaimed teak Mino Limber Cubic bed. It has a stylish and minimalist design with an open end and a mattress sunken into the frame. The Ginger teak bed has a compact low design and slatted plank finish which makes it a beautiful focal point. The Shaman bed is striking and elegant.

Minimalist furniture, earthy colours and natural materials work all work well in an oriental style bedroom. Dark wood furniture set against a neutral background will make your platform bed stand out. Keep décor in tune with nature to create a calm and balanced room with a Zen-like feel. Choose warm and earthy colours such as grey, tan, browns and sage green. Hang oriental artwork on the walls and let sunlight stream in through the windows. Soft and tranquil lighting help enhance the feeling of relaxation.

An oriental style bedroom should be tidy and clutter free to create a space of peace and tranquillity; so store clothing, shoes and handbags neatly away. Make sure your bedroom furniture and accessories are in harmony with your bed to enhance the calm and peaceful mood of the room. Wardrobes, bedside tables, and chests of drawers should be in the same wood and tone as your bed. A beautiful oriental screen is not only decorative, but is practical too as it can create privacy and conceal an unsightly area. A throw and cushions placed neatly on the bed will add a wonderful finishing touch.

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Teak Beds

Teak furniture works so well in an oriental style bedroom because this exotic wood is not only beautiful, but is timeless, sturdy and extremely hard wearing. Puji specialise in teak wood furniture and have a wonderful selection of oriental-style teak beds designed to create a stylish and peaceful retreat where you can relax and wind down after a long day.

Inspired by the Far East, Puji’s oriental teak beds create an outstanding focal point in the bedroom. Puji’s teak bed selection suits all tastes and range from the oriental style Harmoni bed with a stunning fretwork headboard to the Jaya bed which has an eye-catching design. The elegantly designed Arc Teak Bed has a wonderful curved headboard for reading on lazy Sunday mornings.

Solid wood beds have always retained their popularity because they are attractive and stylish as well as highly durable. So a teak bed will leave a lasting impression in any home. Puji’s teak beds come in a range of finishes from light to natural and dark wood. All Puji’s teak beds have been manufactured by hand using ethically sourced timber can be matched with a wonderful selection of bedroom furniture including wardrobes, beds, chests of drawers and bedside tables and superb accessories to complete the look.

Keep the walls and floor neutral in your oriental themed room and inject splashes of colour with accessories. Brighten walls with colourful artwork. For a cosy and inviting retreat, experiment with colour and texture. Dress your teak bed with scatter cushions in luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet to create a warm and sensuous feel. Enhance the look with a matching throw to add a chic and sophisticated touch.

Use lighting to enhance mood and help create a wonderful haven of tranquillity. Bedroom lighting can range from simple to eye-catching designs so you will always find something that will inspire you. Bedside lamps can look stunning and can really transform the look of your room. Inspire the senses with scented candles which can lift mood and create a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.
Bedside chairs can provide an additional focal point and can be dressed up with scatter cushions for a soft an inviting look. A colourful rug can make your bedroom look cosy and feels wonderfully soft to sink your feet onto every morning. A Puji rattan laundry basket will help to keep the room tidy and has a lid to keep dirty laundry out of sight.

A bedroom provides the perfect place to get creative, combining colour texture and pattern for an individual look. However you choose to decorate, a bedroom should be a place of calm, comfort and serenity to ensure a full night’s rest for the busy day ahead.

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