Oriental Coffee Tables

Oriental Coffee Tables | Solid Teak | Black Lacquered Ash

A coffee table is an essential item of living room furniture and an oriental coffee table can act as a striking centre piece. The popularity of oriental furniture has risen in the western world in recent years. Its simplicity of design, high quality and functionality has wide appeal and the elegance and beauty of oriental furniture creates a lasting impression in any home.

There is a large range of oriental coffee tables available to suit all types of homes which include black lacquered coffee tables made from solid ash wood, Indonesian coffee tables with an eastern influence and solid teak coffee tables in contemporary designs.

Black Lacquered Coffee Tables

Black lacquer furniture has a timeless and elegant look which fits perfectly in any style of home from the traditional to the more modern. Just one simple piece of black lacquered furniture, such as a black lacquered coffee table, can change the whole décor of your room and create a wonderful talking point.


Black lacquer furniture involves a painstaking multi-layered finishing process which has been refined and perfected over generations resulting in a beautiful furniture piece that last a lifetime.

Although Japan had also been using the lacquering process since ancient times, the meticulous application process was developed by the Chinese. The varnish resin comes from the sap of the Rhus Vernicifera tree or Toxicodendron vernicifluum, which is native to China and is commonly known as the varnish tree. After the initial base coat, multiple layers of natural lacquer are applied. In some cases lacquer work is inlaid with ivory, jade, coral or mother of pearl and exquisite details are hand painted on. A final coat of varnish is added. This process results in a very hard and robust finish which is highly resistant to damage by water, acid or abrasion.

Puji has a stunning range of oriental coffee tables, including black lacquered coffee tables that are contemporary in design. Influenced by the Orient, each item of furniture has stressed edging and elegant proportions. All our items in this range are lacquered seven times to create a high quality, durable finish.

Indonesian Coffee Tables

In Indonesia a variety of materials are used in furniture making such as mahogany, teak, munggar, pine, mango and maranti. Each type of timber has its own wonderfully unique qualities. These include the strength of the wood, the colour and the grain. Teak, for instance, is a very versatile material and has a wide range of different uses including outdoor buildings, indoor furniture, garden furniture, boats, musical instruments and accessories. It is hard-wearing in all weather conditions because of its high natural oil content.

Teak Coffee Tables

Asian furniture is often crafted from teak wood, so a teak coffee table makes a perfect addition to an oriental style living room. Dark wood set against a very neutral background can work well in an oriental themed space. Just add brightly coloured accessories such as artwork, rugs, vases or cushions to create a striking and dramatic look.

Teak furniture adds style and elegance to any home. It is a highly robust wood which is ideal in a living room environment as it can withstand knocks and every day wear and tear. The natural beauty in the grain means even a simple piece of teak furniture, such as a coffee table, will be an object to admire for years to come. Add matching side tables, book cases and sideboards to go with your oriental coffee tables.

Teak is one of the world’s best timbers and cannot be sourced from the UK. The price of teak is rising as a result of its popularity and it is now one of the most expensive woods in Asia.

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