Oriental Dining Room Furniture

Oriental decorating and design has risen in popularity in the western world. Decorating in the oriental style combines simplicity and nature with the use of materials such as bamboo and silk, to create a calm and peaceful environment.

How to get an Oriental Dining Room

If you like the idea of oriental dining room furniture but don’t want to decorate completely in this way then follow these quick tips:-

  • Keep the room simple and clutter-free with one or two eye-catching accessories. A piece of art such as pottery, an oriental print or silk hanging will add a wonderful exotic touch to your dining room.
  • Bring nature into your dining space with natural stone, bamboo or wood flooring that is easy to keep clean.
  • Use colour to create a luxurious look to your dining room. In Feng Shui, deep reds and golds are colours that promote appetite and good conversation. For this reason, these lavish and rich colours could provide the perfect appetiser for any dinner party or family gathering.
  • When it comes to furnishing your dining room in the oriental style, always choose the best furniture you can afford. Keeping the room simple with one or two statement pieces gives your dining room a luxurious feel. A few well-chosen pieces will create an environment where you will enjoy entertaining your guests.

Why have an Oriental Dining Room ?

Oriental furniture adds a real luxury and elegance to your home. Choosing Far Eastern inspired furniture for your dining room can be a rich and rewarding experience. Quality pieces of oriental furniture never fail to impress and can become a talking point among your guests.

Elegant in design with close attention to detail, oriental dining room furniture makes a strong impact in the home. Individual pieces are mainly handcrafted from good quality, highly durable exotic hard woods such as teak, alder and oak and can have a wonderful black lacquered finish.

To add a further touch of the Orient, your dining room could be decorated with rich dark tones representative of oriental decors. Add colourful home accessories, such as artwork, screens or rugs and a large mirror to increase light and a sense of space.

Oriental Dining Room Accessories

Although an oriental style dining room gives the appearance of luxury, you do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve the look. Clever use of Eastern inspired accessories can make a strong impact. Shop for Oriental-style tableware such as serving dishes, coasters and tablemats. Red and gold accessories against a neutral background can create an Oriental look.

Oriental Dining Room Furniture & Home Accessories

Tableware such as our bamboo serving bowls, snack bowls or teak placemats look simply stunning when combined with dark teak furniture. Or for an interesting focal point choose mirrors with natural frames such as mother of pearl, bamboo, teak or coco stick. Table runners in bright colours provide an instant room make over and have the added benefit of protecting your furniture.

Remember that less is more in Oriental, Asian and Chinese interiors. Do not clutter your room with too many accessories. Display only your most valuable and beautiful objects as a focal point. Good quality objects should take centre stage and be surrounded by space.

Puji has a wide selection of oriental dining room furniture, which includes oriental dining tables, oriental sideboards, side tables, and oriental chairs. Whether you have a modern townhouse or a traditional country cottage, our contemporary solid wood furniture is designed to work well in a range of homes, from new builds to period properties. Our oriental furniture collection includes durable solid teak pieces, black lacquered dining room furniture and high quality dark wood furniture.

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