Oriental Furnishings – Making the Look Work

Oriental Furniture- Getting the look right with Chinese inspired furnishings

Oriental furniture is a trend that only seems to get bigger and more popular as every year goes by.  Our hectic and busy lifestyles often leave us needing some Feng Shui in the home and a Zen interior will promote feelings of peace and calm – and we all need that!   When you open your door, an Asian inspired interior will have you breathing slower and looking for a corner to curl up in and unwind.

Oriental furnishings can transform any living space, giving it an exotic and sophisticated style. To make this look work you need to find oriental furniture pieces that have the hallmarks of the Orient. These include dark woods (usually brown and black), striking colours, carvings and metal features.  Oriental furniture should look delicate while still being well built and sturdy.

Oriental Furniture- Getting the look right with Chinese inspired furnishingsMany Oriental furnishings are finished in black lacquer; this process often requires many layers and the overall effect is a smooth and glossy finish.  This black lacquered furniture works well in every room in the home and with every colour scheme. So, your walls won’t need repainting and instead you can make this Oriental look feel complete by introducing accessories in colours such as red, burnt orange and gold.   A touch of gold will introduce opulence, glamour and warmth to any Oriental interior.  Whereas a few scatters of red works well in the bedroom, reminding you it’s a room for passion as well as resting.

Oriental Furniture- Getting the look right with Chinese inspired furnishings

Puji currently have a vast collection of beautiful Oriental pieces to help you create that peaceful interior you desire.  The Shanxi collection is a lacquered range available in both black and white.  It features a stunning finish and is lacquered 7 times and then hand sanded on the edges to create a gorgeous stressed edge.  This oriental furniture range has items for every room of the home including the living room, bedroom, dining room and hallway.

Oriental Furniture- Getting the look right with Chinese inspired furnishingsIf you already have your oriental furniture pieces, then why not browse our oriental home accessories to bring your furniture to life?  Our gold mirrors and mother of pearl decorative plates and vases look stunning and have all been hand crafted.  Our vast range of lotus and resting Buddha’s promote feelings of calmness and would look great on any console table or bookcase.

Puji even have a brand new collection of recycled bamboo serving ware in natural, olive, aqua and purple.

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